12 Ways to Increase AdSense CPC

Last Updated on: May 01, 2022

There is always a scope of improvement when it comes to increasing your CPC in the Google AdSense account. There are many tips and tricks which you can use to improve your earning potential and some of them are as follows. Check out 12 different ways through which you can increase the CPC of your AdSense account.

1. Get Quality Traffic:

Google AdSense is all about gaining traffic so that more and more people will check out the ads on your website. Therefore working on the quality of the content and other ways to drive more traffic will definitely benefit you to increase the CPC.

2. Link Google Analytics with your AdSense account:

Try searching for topics that are more relevant to your additional content and this will definitely add a boost in your CPC within a month or so.  You can easily use Google Analytics for the purpose and to get accurate results.

3. Creating custom accounts for various ad units:

Creating custom accounts for different ad units will help you to organize your ads in a better manner. Customer accounts will also help you to attract a targeted audience which will in turn increase the traffic of your website.

4. Allow both textual as well as visual ads:

AdSense offers different types of additional content which are mainly divided into two categories: Textual ads and visual arts. Change your default settings and allow both categories of ADS as it will attract more advertisers to your website which will directly increase your CPC.

5. Use better ad formats for better results:

There are different types of Ad formats offered by Google AdSense. Some of the formats are cliche in nature and are old fashioned. Avoid using those types of format and move to new formats such as leaderboard format, large skyscraper format, medium format, rectangle format, etc.

6. Present ads in relevant places:

Presenting ads in places manually can definitely be a tedious task but will guarantee better results. This is because a particular audience will have a certain interest and presenting the ads according to their interest will increase the chances of getting more clicks. Also, make sure that you do not place more than two ads in a single space.

7. Try using only one advertising network:

There are a number of options available on the internet when it comes to advertising networks such as Bing network contextual ads, buysell ads, Yahoo!, Clicksor, Infolinks, etc. However, it is best to stick to one network which seems to be the cheapest option for the visitors.

8. Use locations to get more traffic:

Another important trick to getting more visitors is that you should be allowed location. This is because when a visitor searches for or something Google shows them results according to their location. Therefore it is best to use locations that will allow you to segregate the audience.

9. Use a block and allow facilities offered by AdSense:

Block and allow facility is being offered by Google AdSense to help the users to allowed relevant ads on their websites and to block ads that are not of their audiences' interest. This will again help the visitors to check better ads which are relevant to their interest and likings.

10. Make changes in the layout of your website:

The layout of your website plays a great role when it comes to using Google AdSense for your favor. This is because if the layout of your website is not appropriate then the ads may hide the actual content of your website and this will eventually irritate the viewers leading them to avoid your website.

11. Get to know your audience more:

The best way to gather more traffic is to know what your audience wants to see and then present what they want. This will not only improve the quality and the ranking of your website but will also help you gain loyal viewers.

12. Use appropriate keywords for different niches:

There are a lot of tools to check the relevant keywords for your website's content. Search for the most used keywords and use them on your website to attract more people, increase traffic, and therefore directly increase your CPC.

Try using these steps and you will definitely realize and increase in your CPC gradually.

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