10 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic

Last Updated on: May 01, 2022

Blogging comes out to be one of the majorly fun and passionately engaging thing to do nowadays. People are ambitious and talented when they try doing the same. However, when it comes to view the statistics of the page, you might be in misery. It can be frustrating if the analytics show that you have no traffic to your blog or website, it shall be frustratingly lonely and hard to gulp it.

It might feel like that nobody is interested in your insights and is not appreciating your writing at all. You don't realize where you might be going wrong before you start to curse your writings and yourself.  

And we are here to let you know that it might not be your writings but the little tricks and hacks you are missing out, while blogging. 

So let us enlighten you about the wrongs and the mistakes that is a cause of hindrance in generation of  traffic.

Here are 10 possible reasons you are not getting traffic to your blog:


Here's where you need to have many qualities while you start off with blogging. Patience and persistence come out to be of utmost significance in this kind of working platform.

It shall never start to have thousands of people  turning up the next day to read your blog if you have only just started blogging, it always starts from 1 to 2 and takes months to reach  your milestone. It is a journey of many steps and this where your character will be tested as you build traffic one step at a time one blog at a time and remember the other 9 steps mentioned below while you try to blog around.


This can be treated as the threshold where the audience decides whether to read or not read your blog or article likewise. If your headline does not include the basic words that most people would be needing to read about, you might lose a potential reader. A headline that doesn’t meet  some of the basic principles of headline writing, shall not meet a reader's eye and they might scroll through the same. You need to learn the basics of headline writing in order to generate maximum traffic. 


You cannot take lightly. In order to be loyal to your audience and keep them loyal with your writings, you need to post quality content as well as post the same frequently. You should not write when it suits your mood. Consistency remains as a significant part to generate traffic exponentially.  If you want random people  to become regular readers of your blog then you need to be consistent and persistent while writing your blogs. Have you noticed that Newspapers come out every day, hail, snow or shine. Post and write consistently in order to build up a loyal membership and indeed, organic traffic.


This is one of the most importantly significant rules before you try writing content. It is necessary that your articles include the basic keywords that can help you redirect the audience to your blog via their google searches. Google will send readers your way if you have optimized your blog for search engines.f

In order for this to happen, You need to learn the importance of the basics of SEO, so that your blog is optimized for search engines and hence, this can indeed help you in generating organic traffic.


Many of the social media platforms can be one of the best ways to spread your content and generate traffic for your blog or site. For instance, 

Twitter is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog or website. So, If you got a lot of Twitter followers, then you can choose to spread out the Post headline on twitter to your loyal audience and tease and tempt them with your great headlines that makes them click on your link to your post and read it. That makes us shift to the next point, as to when the reader shall read, content should always be of high quality.


This can be one of the major reasons why your blog is not generating much traffic. Writing posts that people might find half heartedly written or posts that are click baits can be a major disappointment for your readers. Writing posts that the audience might be finding boring or irrelevant can come out as a major drawback. You can always change, however. If you listen and take into account the suggestions of the audience, and helping them with queries and entertain their issues, you might find it not that hard to generate traffic via quality content.

As they say, content is king.So give high importance to your content and its quality.


It is a necessary part where you decide to remain focused on a singular topic. It is immensely important that you are passionately prepared for. Trying to write and maintain a niche that is generic can be tough and hard to focus on. You are writing for everyone but you need to focus on a specific niche or industry in order to generate traffic. The audience shall seek validation from you when you have quality content over a specific niche or industry. Write for one industry, topic or niche. Know your passion, interest and market and stick to it. Do not go off the topic , it always requires you to be patient and persistent.


One of the major strengths of Social media is the power of its network and the leverage it provides to get your content to as many platforms as possible. You should always reach out to channels where your readers or viewers can be active, and surfing around. Therefore, try putting your content on as many possible platforms from YouTube to twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn. Think of your blog site or website as a homebase from where you distribute and leverage your content to your social media and other social platforms. Go where your potential audience usually stays active. Instagram has over more than 500 million users, similarly search out and post content where it is acknowledged to generate traffic for your blog.


Another important step to generate traffic is engagement with other bloggers and platforms. We suggest you comment more on other people's blogs while surfing and viewing the same. you can also opt out to interview some of the top bloggers or successful writers either online or perhaps in person. Another way to engage with other platforms is to propose to be a guest writer or blogger for someone else, this shall give exposure to you and your blog automatically. The advice in a nutshell is to take advantage of the network that has been spread around you by other top bloggers and platforms in order to make the most out of it and generate traffic exponentially. 


There are no miracles in this path of learning and growing.  It shall require constant learning and focus and patience to earn the right amount of traffic and audience. Reading and knowing about it from other top bloggers, you shall know that you are required to be patient and consistent while working and the piece of advice they shall provide you will be to do the best you can possibly do and keep on learning, growing and focusing with patience and willingness.