How To Deactivate All WordPress Plugin (Without Login WordPress Site)

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Akshat Gupta Selected

Akshat Gupta

2 years ago
You have to log in to your web hosting's cPanel, then go to the root directory (public_html or www) and click on “wp-content”.

Rename the plugins folder inside it like plugins_OLD (You can name the plugin folder as anything)

Now all the plugins will be deactivated from your site.

WordPress looks for a plugins folder to load the plugin. When this folder is not found, it automatically disables active plugins.

Now when you go to your WordPress plugin section, you will get the error code “The plugin has been deactivated due to an error; plugin file does not exist”.

No need to worry, to fix this, log in to your web hosting's cPanel again and rename the renamed plugins_OLD folder to plugins.

Then, go to the WordPress dashboard and activate the plugins one by one.