How do beginners get backlinks?

Hi I am new to blogging and have heard that backlinks are very important to increase your ranking on Google... Please help me as to how to create these backlinks....

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Swati Joshi Selected

Swati Joshi

2 years ago

Hi Team,

I follow articles here very often. Now this site has free tool - a backlink checker:

Basically, you'll know a point to begin with and then find opportunities to post comments, engage with similar blogs or mention their content in your own articles. That way, it creates a network of URLs around your blog.

I do it on regular basis. As if, it's my daily dose of medicines.

Twice a day. :)

Vinod Jangle Selected

Vinod Jangle

1 year ago
Being a new blogger you have no or less traffic and getting a backlink from higher DA websites will really benefit you - as you may receive good organic traffic from them.

But, you may face some hurdles here as higher DA websites may not provide you so easily as they do not see much value as you may not have enough traffic.

Still, you can write an email to those Admins, connect with groups like 'INDIBLOGHUB' and find out similar bloggers and offer and backlink exchange. You can offer to write guest articles for free if your writing skills are good without money but request a "do follow" backlink.

You can add comments to other blogs by providing your blog/article links - but this kind of backlinks will be no longer beneficial to you to rank higher - but still worth trying as it is better than nothing.

If your blog is in Marathi language you can message me anytime - I would provide you a backlink.

Happy blogging.

Konveksi Jakarta Selected

Konveksi Jakarta

12 months ago
6 Ways to Get Backlinks for Beginners to Improve Website Rankings
Create quality content or articles
Getting Started with Guest Blogging
Create Infographics
Comment on a quality blog
Using influencer marketing
Reclaim your website link

Diamond Margret Susngi

Diamond Margret Susngi

3 years ago
You have to guest post on other blog!

Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta

3 years ago
You need to find blogs related to your niche and post good content over there.
In return you will either get a dofollow backlink or author profile link. Both will work in long term

Sudarshan Dalavi

Sudarshan Dalavi

2 years ago
You can comment on various blog related to your niche.