9 On-Page SEO Techniques to Rank on First Page of Google

Last Updated on: May 01, 2022

Ranking on Google is the only way which can bring a massive amount of traffic to your blog and mainly consistent traffic. Organic traffic was and will always be more valuable than social media traffic. Social media may bring traffic to your blog but that is for a temporary time period. It will bring traffic mostly at the time you share your posts on social media platforms. Google dominates the search and everyone wishes to rank on the first page of Google.

There are many factors on which google ranking depends. About 200 factors are counted for ranking a page higher than other pages. Today, in this article we will give you the must follow SEO techniques to rank on the first page of Google.

On-Page SEO Techniques - You Must Follow

1. Quality Content

First and foremost, we will suggest you to focus on creating a high quality content. Content was and will always be the king. Even if you follow all the SEO techniques but your content is of very low quality and filled with mistakes, your visitors will bounce back. A high quality content with relevant information will always bring a high amount of traffic and will increase your overall chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

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2. Don't deviate from the topic

Relevancy is also of the most important factor if you wish to rank in Google. You should never deviate from the main topic oft the content. Many people totally deviate from the main theme of the content which puts a negative impact. Whenever a user comes to your blog or website searching for a query, he or she will look for the proper answer and if it is not found in the content, he or she will return back soon.

3. Optimize your Titles properly  

A catchy title with SEO optimization will be beneficial for both your visitors and for Google. A catchy title would increase your click rate. You should try to use your focus keywords in your title. The focus keyword should be relevantly used in your title. We recommend you to use in the beginning of the title. Using it in the beginning increases your chances of ranking in google search. SEO expert Brian Dean also focuses on the usage of main keywords in the starting of the Titles.

4. Do a Proper Keyword Research

A proper keywords research is a must if you want to achieve first page Google ranking. A lot of bloggers just randomly thinks a keyword or phrase without analyzing its volume and keyword difficulty. Working without research will not bring any good to you most of the times. There are many tools available in the tool which will help you to analyze your keywords. If you have missed our previous articles, then you can check our content on keywords research. Some of the tools that you can use to do keyword research are Kwfinder, Semrush or Google keywords planner.

Google Keywords planner is free to use while you need to pay for KWfinder and Semrush. Google keywords planner gives you a rough overview of the keywords. It does not tell the exact volume and keyword difficulty but it is still useful. After find some profitable keywords spread them in your article.

5. Use your focus keywords in Content

Focus keywords should be used in your title, then in the first paragraph (at least once) according to suitability. Don't do stuffing of keywords in an excessive manner. Using keywords in your content is an art and your content should not look cluttery. Gone are those days when site admins used to stuff a lot of keywords in their article. If you follow that practice now, Google will punish your site for the same. Doing this for a long period of time may lead you to lose Google Search appearance. It will lead to a great loss so avoid such tricks. You should use focus keywords 1 or 2 times in the first para then same way in next paras according to requirement. Don't exceed the keyword density, keep it limited to 2.5% or so. If you are using a long tail keyword then your keyword usage will be much less so don't worry for that. 

Add your focus keywords in the ending paragraph. Make proper use of the keywords. If your content is lengthy avoid using keywords in one single paragraphs. Spread it in a proper proportion. 

6. Use Long Tail keywords

Long-tail keywords can be a gold mine. They can be very useful if your site is new and you don't spend a lot of money on its SEO. Long-tail keywords are easy to rank as compared to short-tail keywords. You can use common queries or phrases as your primary keyword.  For example.it may be difficult to rank on 'Italian pasta' but if you use the keyword ' How to make Italian Pasta' or 'Step by Step Pasta Recipe' your chances of ranking will be high. There are many tools available in the market which you can use to get long-tail keywords suggestions. 

7. Use LSI keywords

Related keywords or terms should also be used in your content. The usage of LSI (Latent Semantic indexing) will increase the chances of ranking. There are various terms which may be related to a keyword in one or another way. You can make a list of related keywords and then choose the best ones out of them. Use the most relevant ones smartly in your content. Some bloggers do the mistake of adding them after finishing the content and those words look unnecessary. You should finalize your focus keywords and LSI keywords before starting a content. 

8. Internal Linking

Internal linking has multiple benefits for a blog. Making internal links will boost the authority of your website, it increases user engagement, reduces the bounce rate and will also help you in ranking your content on the first page of Google. This is not the only factor but is as important as other factors mentioned above. Always make internal links in your blog. For example if you are writing content on 'How to remove your Instagram account' and you already have a content on 'Instagram Privacy and security', you can link both the articles. 

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9. Use keywords in Images

Images increase the user engagement and your content looks more interesting if you have good images in it. Some people love the content because it has interactive images in it. You can add related images and can optimize the images too. You can use the focus keywords in the ALT tag of your images. To add the keywords in the images just click on it and add your keyword in the ALT tag. Or you can add it directly when you are uploading an image to your blog post. 

 Final Words:

So, these were some of the SEO techniques you can use to rank on the first page of Google. We hope that you will definitely learn them and will practically try them on your blog. Don't forget to tell us the results you notice on your blog. Stay tuned with IndiBlogHub as we will keep bringing more such stuff on SEO, Blogging and Content Marketing.