What is Bulk SMS Service? How can it Help Grow Your Business?

Last Updated on: May 01, 2022

Even with the massive boom in mobile phone usage and the rise of mobile marketing, bulk SMS is gaining popularity day by day. This explains why big brands are investing millions of dollars into SMS marketing and have done so for quite a number of years. And by seeing that, small and mid-sized businesses are now starting to see the importance of an SMS world. Let’s see what Bulk SMS service actually is.

What are bulk SMS services?

Basically, bulk SMS service makes use of the modern-day technology to reach out to a large number of people in an easy, cost-effective, and well-managed way. Bulk SMS service providers with the help of an efficient SMS gateway sends a large number of SMS to the users in just a single click. Several companies nowadays are heavily relying on SMS service to communicate with their consumers. If you have any new updates, product/services launch, promotional offer, discount coupon etc. bulk SMS is the best possible way to inform your consumers, employees, and clients.

How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

Here are some benefits of making use of Bulk SMS service for your business:

1. High Speed and Open Rate

Bulk SMS is the quickest and fastest way to reach consumers. The information is easily communicated to maximum people without access to the internet. According to various researches, 98% of SMS are open and read by mobile users on the same day of delivery. In addition to that, more than 90% of text messages are read within 3 min. of delivery.

2. 24*7 Availability

Consumers highly prefer brands which value their time and are available for the 24*7. With the help of bulk SMS services, you can reach consumers at any time of the day and from anywhere.

3. Affordability 

When we notice marketing costs with different options like billboards, TV, advertisement, printouts, etc., everything seems super expensive, and several companies and start-ups really cannot afford it. But, when it comes to the bulk SMS service, the cost involved is very low, and the return on investment is very high. Even small-sized companies can easily make use of bulk SMS services as it is a very economical option to instantly reach thousands of consumers.

4. Direct Approach and Highly Targeted

Any SMS reaching the consumers’ phone means that your brand, product/services are directly exposed to the right person. Bulk SMS providers such as mTalkz allow its clients to target their customer based on location, age, profession demographics, which further helps to personalize the SMS in a much better way. 

By using Bulk SMS service, a robust relationship with the customer may be established within less time at a low cost. As today's generation use their mobile phones quite often, sending SMS acts as an excellent marketing tool small-medium enterprises can easily gain customer loyalty by keeping in touch with the audience and providing user-friendly experience.

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