What is a Favicon?

What is a Favicon?

Favicon gives a professional look to your blog. This is the identity of the website. Whenever we open a site in the browser, the name of the site is shown in the top of the browser and along with that the icon of the site is also shown, it is Favicon. So that we can easily identify any site. It is a small icon.

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Balvinder Singh Selected

Balvinder Singh

2 years ago
When we visit any sites in the browser, there are tabs when we open multiple sites or at least one site. So, to identify the opened site under a tab, we use two things
- title
- image(icon)
so a small image, we add to the tab for identification is a favicon or favourite icon to let browsers show that image.
Normally all icons are saved as favicon name and used.

Sujit Singh Selected

Sujit Singh

1 year ago
The full form of favicon is favorite+Icon, which means favorite icon of the website. Friends, it is also known as website icon and url icon. Favicon gives a professional look to your website.

If you do not put the favicon icon on your website, then it gets set to the default browser icon.
Now if someone searches the website, then the default browser icon shows up.

Now I understand you what is this favicon. Friends, when you open blogger or wordpress, in the website tab you find B or W written in a stylish way. These are called favicon icons.

It provides a unique look to your website. Each website has a unique icon. It gives your website a different identity among 100 websites.

Manish Singh Bisht Selected

Manish Singh Bisht

2 months ago
A favicon (short for "favorites icon") is a small icon that appears in a browser's address bar or next to the website's name in a list of bookmarks. It is used to help users quickly identify a website or web page when they have multiple tabs or windows open. Favicons are typically 16x16 or 32x32 pixels in size and are saved in the ICO or PNG file format. They can be added to a website by including a link to the favicon file in the HTML code of the website's pages.

Bjain Pharma

Bjain Pharma

1 year ago
A favicon is a small but mighty branding element that shows up in browser tabs.