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Manish Singh Bisht Selected

Manish Singh Bisht

2 months ago
A publisher ID in Google AdSense is a unique identifier assigned to an AdSense account that is used to track and report earnings generated by ads displayed on the publisher's website. The publisher ID is included in the AdSense ad code that is added to the website, and it is used to associate the earnings from ad impressions and clicks with the correct AdSense account. The publisher ID is typically a string of numbers and letters and can be found in the AdSense account settings. AdSense publishers use the publisher ID to track their earnings, monitor ad performance, and make changes to their ad settings. The publisher ID is an important component of the AdSense program, as it allows for accurate and transparent reporting of earnings for publishers.

Akash Sonar

Akash Sonar

2 years ago
publisher ID is the unique identifier id number for AdSense account. To find account-specific details Publisher ID is required