5 Common AdSense Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Last Updated on: May 01, 2022

A blogger or website creator when thinks of earning through their platform they think of one of the most popular ways to do so Google Adsense. This program is quite easily accessible and available to all as its free to use and join. The eligibility criteria is quite flexible and hence can be easily  joined by newbies. So so if you attempt to make money you obviously would be dabbling with Adsense. The best part about Google AdSense is that all it requires to earn money is clicks.

What most people understand about Google AdSense is that they need to get clicks but the question stand is the ways through which they get the clicks. People often are confused in regard to the same. There are a numerous things that people do wrong while understanding and using Google AdSense and that is why we are here to tell you what are the most common mistakes you should avoid and also, tell you how to fix the issue that arises.

So let's start with the most common mistakes people tend to make while using Google AdSense.

1. Clicking Your Own Ads:

Clicking your own ads is the act you should never really do! This is the most common mistake people tend to commit is they think clicking their own ads shall earn them money. Let us tell you that this is an absolutely wrong idea. The reason why you really should not do this and remember to not do it is that not only google shall not pay you for the same, but also if it catches you doing the act, you might lose all your earnings and money and your Google Adsense account might even get cancelled! 

People sometimes try to outsmart google, and this is by redirecting their IP Address, well Google is much smarter than you think it to be. Google knows all the tricks that you can try to outsmart. Google should be considered as the smartest software in the entire world so if you think you found a trick to get past them, then just know that they have already are aware of your petty pretty tricks, and as well as planned and implemented a solution the same. 

So the most common mistake of clicking your own ads should be avoided at all cost before you lose your google Adsense account and all the earnings you have earned.

2. Positioning Of Ads:

Another one of the common mistakes people tend to make is that many of the bloggers or users of Google AdSense do not realize the right spot to place their ads on. The right spot for fixing if ads is really important in order to make use of the Google Adsense upto the fullest. What can be recommended to do is placing your ads in the very center of your website and above the fold (bottom of the page when it loads).

The reason why we suggest to place your AdSense ads in the center of your website is because this is where everybody first looks or views when they come to a new page. By putting your Adsense ad in the center, right in front of a viewers eyes will increase your CTR and that is why we shall highly suggest you to do the same  and position the ad in the center on your screen page.

3. Say No to Too Many Ads:

The maximum amount of AdSense ads you can have on your page is only 3 banner ads, 3 link ads and 2 search boxes per page. Now the mistake that people tend to think and make is that, people think they might fill in as much as ads possible in order to get higher probability of clicks. However, If you have any more than the mentioned number of ads, then Google will only show the maximum number of AdSense units for a while until they do not notice, and if and when they do figure out that you are showing too many AdSense ads, then they will suspend your entire Google Adsense account.

Though, It is really difficult to put more than the number mandated AdSense units on one single page but many bloggers tend to find out a way to do it.

Another reason why you should not put too many ads is the more ads you showcase on your page, the less professional it shall look. The advice we shall recommend is to keep it simple and sober and don’t use any more than three or more AdSense ad units on a single page of your website or blog. Hence, do not make this common mistake to place too many ads on your page or else you might lose your Google Adsense Account!

4. Usage of Ad Links:

Using of The google ad links is a great idea to. But the common mistake people commit is that they do not place it in the very right position where they can earn clicks. The main ad link is the 728X90 and it works great. This is the highest clicked ad unit that Google offers. What you need to understand is that the positioning of the link should be right, so when you would place this ad unit under the navigation bar, it perhaps might come out to look just like another navigation bar.

This just implies that the reader or viewers that shall visit your site or blog will assume it is part of your website or blog and therefore they will click on it more and you will indeed earn more clicks that you previously used to, just by positioning it at the apt place.

5. Asking For Clicks:

Never ask for clicks. We repeat never, as we told you that Google is the smartest thing in the entire world and we still ask you to believe in the same. It doesn’t matter if you are asking people you might know or completely different strangers, this is a completely bad and vicious way to gain clicks.

The reason why you should not be asking for clicks is because Google will eventually find out the patterning of the audience, there is usually a sense of pattern or some kind of connection to the person who is always clicking on your ads that google might easily trace and track.

The most common mistake people think they can earn is by spreading their sites and blog and asking people to click on ads. We recommend you to not waste your time with this act because it won’t last long before you get caught by Google. 


Making money with Google AdSense is not as hard as many people make it out to be, finding out tricks and ways to make money that could lead them to lose their account completely. The only real trick is to get as much targeted traffic that you can to your website and the more you generate the traffic on your site, the more clicks you will get. 

With the average Click Thru Rate (CTR) being between 2%-3% you will need to get a good amount of traffic in order to make a good commission monthly. All we suggest you to do is that if you avoid the common Google AdSense mistakes, then you should have no problem making a good amount of money from AdSense every month.