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‘सब’ आपकी भाषा में

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Published on: Feb 14th, 2020
Submitted by: The Post Mayor
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The Post Mayor is trying to create a trusted platform where people come to consume high-quality information in their languages. We’re trying to achieve this by solving two problems:

Unavailability of information or availability of sub-standard information to the non-English speakers of India.
The Indian non-English speakers do not have access to high-quality information in their languages. Languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil etc. are the primary and only languages understood by hundreds of millions of people but either the quality of information available to this audience is substandard or there is no information available to them in their languages.

Lack of credibility and faith in news/media platforms due to fake or false news.
We’re trying to solve this problem by only providing facts and backing them with credible citations. We do not provide opinions and whatever we publish can easily be verified from official sources.