Youtube Vs Blogging which is Best In 2022 ( Guide)

Youtube Vs Blogging which is Best In 2022 ( Guide)

If you think which one of YouTube Vs Blogging is good? So you keep reading this article, you will get answers to your questions.

Many people who want to make money online, when they search on Google how to make money online, they find two main ways in which you can make money by creating YouTube channel and earning money from blogging, there are two big ways, so today We are going to talk about these in detail, what you should do among these two so that you can make money quickly and easily.

I am going to tell you here, in which you can earn more money YouTube Vs Blogging.

We are going to talk here in which work can be done easily and in which work there is a problem and in which more investment has to be done.

YouTube Vs Blogging

YouTube Vs Blogging are both different things in which the ways of earning money are also different and the way of working inside it is also different.

We have to understand these two first to choose what we want to work on, so let me explain to you “what is YouTube”, “what is blogging”.

What is YouTube

You have to make a video to work on YouTube and you can upload it to YouTube, you can make a video and upload it on YouTube, then you cannot change it.

If you have to explain anything to your user, then you can explain through video, you can give any type of knowledge through video.

What is Blogging

If you want to do blogging, then you should know how to write well. You can explain your point to people by writing articles on your blog and can earn money.

In blogging, you have to create your own blog and write articles on it, you can share whatever knowledge you want to share and monetize it with Google Adsense and there are many ways to earn money in blogging.

You are reading this article here, it is also a blog. Continue Reading

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