What Is Seo? SEO basics: 70% of Bloggers Dont know about this

What Is Seo? SEO basics: 70% of Bloggers Dont know about this


Complex mathematical formula developed by the creators of Google through which the order in which the results are shown in this search engine is set. The formula is secret and is constantly evolving.

Anchor Text:

This is the sequence of words on which you put a link or you make the link pointing to a given website or blog. “The blue little words” that can be clicker within a text.

Author Rank:

Increasingly important in positioning Seo. It is the influence and importance of an individual to “human” level. And how can Google my real measure influence? Through your Google+ profile


This is a used by Google to verify that your blog is yours parameter. Through authorship the pic shown in the organic results with your face and this also leads to a greater number of visits increased positioning. To use it you have to link your Google+ profile with your blog or website. (Coming in Blogger 3.0 tutorial)

Back link:

Are the links pointing to your website or blog from other websites. They are one of the most important factors for positioning and many people try to manipulate them. Google is getting smarter to detect artificial back links or poor quality links.

Black Hat / Black Seo :

The name that designates all fraudulent techniques to achieve greater Seo positioning. The essence of the Black Hat is accelerating the rise in the positions of Google.Increases which naturally is slow (and should be slow but steady if things are done well).

Keyword / Key:

Is the word you highlight in a post with which we want to appear in search engines. It should be well optimized in this post to make it easier for Google to recognize. (It is optimized through what is known as Seo on page).

Keyword Stuffing:

Is over-optimization for a keyword within a post or content. Is to repeat soexaggerated and unnatural one word and in turn put in bold to try and make it stand out even more. Black Seo is a practical beginner and no longer works for position.

Link Building:

It’s a form of Seo strategy or positioning is to increase the positions of your blog in the search through obtaining the highest number of inbound links. (See back-link ).

Link Juice:

When you link to a blog friend, or link to you pass Link Juice, it’s like a blood transfusion to improve your positioning.

Long Tail:

It is a concept which choose to focus on some SEO to optimize their websites. The Long Tail or long tail is all chained list of words that do not normally have many searches as they are not words or generic terms and therefore from an SEO point of view can be attractive because there is less competition. Example: This is not long tail , “ sports cars s. “ Now that’s long tail : “like driving a sports car low cost . “

Page Rank:

Is the popularity in the eyes of Google which has a web page or blog. Important : Unlike what many people think a higher Page Rank is not always synonymous with a higher positioning. The Back Links are the strongest way to increase our Page Rank. Ranging between 0 and 10. (To give you an idea a blog that takes five years and is popular publishing can have a Page Rank 4 and Google? Have Page Rank 10.

Sand Box:

The Sandbox is the equivalent of limbo Seo jargon. Is to be in no man’s land. When your blog is very young and still does not appear in the search results are said to be in Sandbox and as positioning will win it.

Seo on Page:

consists of applying certain Tips / “tricks” / Seo practices within your blog or post the content on your site in order to emphasize the positioning. .

Off page Seo:

SEO mode increase based primarily on getting through positioning strategies are to achieve the highest possible number of links to our website or blog (Link Building).


Google spiders. They are responsible for running the cobwebs of the network (virtual cobwebs formed by links) and are responsible to visit your blog to check for new content and proceed to indexing in Google.

White Hat:

Composed of multiple strategies all clean and legal in the eyes of search engine SEO, seeking not only a better position but a rich user experience. Using White SEO techniques applied in time significantly increases traffic on a website or blog with consequent advantages this may cause.

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