What are the causes of hair loss?

What are the causes of hair loss?

Check out these causes and there is always hope to tweak.


One of the principal reasons for hair loss is your diet. It is generally said, you are what you eat and it is true too. If you feed your body, less nutrition-food, it won’t turn out too healthy. In this modern age, fast food has become a necessity. Everybody is out there putting the trash into their systems, eating processed and canned foods, more of bread than whole grains, more of sugar. So there is absolutely no source of nourishment provided to our hair. Lack of proper minerals, proteins, vitamins lead to brittle hair and more frequent hair loss because these foods weaken the roots and drain healthy oils from the scalp.

Unhealthy eating behaviors go a long way in affecting your hair.

Watch your diet, if you want healthier and thick hair.

2.Mental health and stress

Mental illnesses are more pronounced than ever now. Stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, emotional trauma, all them can lead to visible hair loss. It drains the energy out of your body and consumes your entire self. It is naturally very probable that if you take too much stress or worry about things way too much, get worked up about small things, your mental health will affect your hair health. Emotional trauma can have a shattering effect, it even affects the hair follicles.

Always keep your mental health in check and seek help if you feel that you need it.

3.Improper Rest

Sleeping habits affect the overall daily functions of our body. The sleep cycle, if not completed properly, leads to unproductive physical health. It includes the hair follicles which are responsible for hair growth. If you do not take rest according to your age, the body fails to produce certain hormones that affect hair growth. The growth becomes stagnant after a certain period because of the exhausted state of your mind and body.

4.Hormones and hair loss

Change in the internal features can lead to change in the hormonal levels of our body, it disturbs the ongoing chemical activity of our body. There may be several underlying causes for this.


As teenagers grow, during the puberty phase, their body is constantly undergoing a major change. They start producing sex hormones and growth hormones while the quantity may differ, sometimes due to the abrupt difference, our body may react in an opposite fashion which in turn leads to loss of hair. The number is less in this group but today’s lifestyle shows otherwise. It is becoming more obvious among teenagers. It gradually fades away as they approach adulthood, as the hormones stabilize.


There might be a temporary phase during pregnancy when hair starts to uproot. It is just because during pregnancy the body starts to warm up and prepare for a greater cause. There are new hormones produced in the body and it faintly affects the overall hair growth. Even stress is very obvious during pregnancy, so that too becomes a reason. But three-four months after it regrows.


During menopause, the production of female hormones lowers and it causes the hair follicles to narrow down. Estrogen is the main hormone in females for hair growth and it adversely affects it. This is a major phase all women go through and it can difficult but further deprivation of good nutrients to the body worsens the condition.


Iron and Zinc are two main elements present in the body that facilitate hair growth. The lower levels of these lead to poor nourishment and eventual weakening of hair follicles. Even vitamin biotin and niacin are essential, if there is a deficiency related to these vitamins, it is possible that hair loss is even more.
Even vitamin D and vitamin A deficiency is also linked to hair loss. These vitamins help to maintain the existing thickness and give nutrients to the hair follicles.

6.Harsh environment

Working or living in harsh weather conditions may lead to hair loss. Prolonged exposure to heat drains out the moisture and hair turns brittle which breaks it away from the roots. Even moisture adversely affects your hair health. The hair follicles shrink and hair starts falling out. Exposure to UV rays or any kind of harmful radiation promotes hair loss. Hair follicles are delicate and are easily affected by these radiations.
Protection should be ensured in these types of environments.


Certain medications have side effects that lead to hair loss. This is a cause amongst older people who are on regular medication. Medicines are the chemical entities that breakdown or render the hair follicles weak. Even supplements may have an effect on the hair quality. 

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