Ways You Can be Less Tight With Your Money

Ways You Can be Less Tight With Your Money

Money is a stressful thing for a lot of people. For most people, it doesn’t matter how much you are making or how much you have saved. The concept of money, as well as spending it, is something that you need to be conscious of. If you are too irresponsible with your money, it can end up putting you in really bad situations. This is why you need to ensure that you are responsible for your spending.

Some people go a little bit too far with this. Of course, being careful with your money is a lot better than being irresponsible. However, it is very easy to become too tight with your money. Never spending any money, even on essential items, is a bad habit to get into. You can end up losing many experiences, joy, and benefits by not wanting to spend any of your money. If you feel like you are a little bit too tight with your money, here are some tips to avoid this and change it.

Know How Much of Your Earnings are Essential

The first thing you will want to do is eliminate any doubt you have in your money and earnings. An easy way to do this is to calculate how much of your money has to go to the essential cost of living factors. This can include your weekly grocery shopping, rent, bills, insurance, etc. Once you have a number for that, you can round it up or a little bit extra to this cost. You can presume that you have to take this number away from your earnings on a weekly or monthly basis. The remaining money is going to be considered spare.

Allocate Money for Personal Spending

Presuming that all of your ‘spare’ money can be spent on personal and luxury items is a very big mistake. This will cause you to live paycheck to paycheck and could lead to very irresponsible spending. Instead, you will want to allocate a certain amount of your ‘spare’ money to personal spending. You can spend this money on going out with friends or buying new clothes. If you have hobbies such as trading, you can spend your money there too. You can even check the exchange rates of BTC to USD at OKX to get the most up to date information on exchange rates and get the best deals for trading cryptocurrencies.

Spend it on the Right Things

You are going to be more likely to spend your money if you are spending it on the right things. If you buy things that don’t exactly give you much joy or benefit, then spending money isn’t going to feel as good. For example, you might want to spend money on things that can improve your home. Or, you might even use your money to invest in your fitness and health. If you feel like you are making productive purchases, you will be less tight with your money. 

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