Warriors of creator economy

Warriors of creator economy

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How many of you have heard about creator economy or been a part of it? I am sure you would have as it's one of the most talked about topics these days. The extreme growth of social media platforms in the recent times has been a major catalyst for the surge in creator economy. Every day we consume various content across multiple platforms in the form of videos, articles, reels, blogs and what not. But have we ever thought of who are the creative geniuses behind those content? What's their story? How could they become a super success by creating content on social media platforms? Our today's book review will throw light on all those questions along with a portray of creator economy.

Booming Digital Stars is an amazing piece of work co-authored by Harsh Pamnani & Manish Pandey. Harsh Pamnani , an MBA graduate is a passionate storyteller and brand enthusiast. He has been a regular contributor in eminent business publications. His book series Booming Brands has been a great success (Click here for my review of Booming Brands-I). His work can be accessed @ https://www.harshpamnani.com/. Manish has also been one of the top brand consultant and social media expert.

Talking about the content of the book, it is a beautiful accumulation of 11 amazing journeys from the world of creator economy. It talks about all the struggle, hardship, dedication, hard work that these creators have gone through to reach where they are today. All the stories start with a brief on their humble beginning and the further roller-coaster ride. The stories narrated in similar manner that of any startup story. Ideally these are startup stories where the focus is more on building a personal brand through their innovative yet simple work. Common thread among all the creators' journeys explained in the book being their inclination towards following their passion and fighting against all the odds to become successful. A great round of applause is deserved by both the authors for narrating these stories which will definitely be an inspiration to all those aspiring creators trying to make their craft a successful one.

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