Travel itinerary for Maldives for 6 nights & 7 days

Travel itinerary for Maldives for 6 nights & 7 days

Formally the Republic of Maldives, Maldives is an island nation on the Indian subcontinent of Asia, located in the Indian Ocean. Located southwest of Sri Lanka and India, it is approximately 750 km (470 miles; 400 nautical miles) from the mainland of the Asian continent. The chain of 26 atolls extends (beyond the equator) from Ihabandippol Atoll in the north to Addu Atoll in the south.

With an area of ​​approximately 90,000 square kilometers (35,000 square miles) including the sea, the land area of ​​all islands is 298 square kilometers (115 square miles). Travel itinerary for Maldives for first timers for 6 nights and 7 days

Travel itinerary for Maldives

It is one of the smallest Islamic countries in area and the second largest in Asia with approximately 557,751 inhabitants. Male is the capital, the most populous city, traditionally known as “Kings Island” and was dominated by the old dynasty for its central location.

Day 1: Hulhumale | Travel itinerary for Maldives

When you arrive in the Maldives, you need to spend the first day on the island of Hulhumale. This is one of the islands that can be visited by road. Generally, you will need to take a private or public ferry or seaplane to get to the island. There are many budget hotels and luxury hotels on Hulhumale Island. Two-wheeled vehicles are common here, and you can rent a unicycle to explore Hulhumale. The island has nice beaches that you can explore on your own.

Day 2: Hulhumale-Male-Maafushi | Travel itinerary for Maldives

To catch a local boat to Male, you need to go to the port of Hulhumale. Hulhumale’s local boats depart every 30 minutes. Take one of the boats to reach Male. Walk around Male to visit Male’s largest mosque, then visit the Villingili Ferry Terminal to Maafushi. After a while, we will arrive at the port of Billingiri. Billingili Beach is just a few minutes walk from the harbor. Board the 3 pm boat to Maafushi. It takes about 2 hours to arrive at Maafushi and enjoy the breathtaking views along the way.

Maafushi is one of the largest islands in the Maldives, 27 km from Male. Here you can choose from a variety of accommodation options.

Day 3: Explore Marfushi | Travel itinerary for Maldives

Maafushi is a peaceful place to enjoy many beautiful beaches, water sports activities and delicious food. There are many things you can do with Marfushi. 

Beach There are four main beaches: Public Beach, Bikini Beach, Water Sports Beach and Coral Beach. As the name implies, Bikini Beach is the only beach where you can walk around in skimpy swimwear (bikini for women, topless for men). In other parts of the island, it is illegal to show your skin in public. Bikini beach is usually quite crowded. There are two public beaches, usually quiet and less crowded.

Day 4: Maafushi-Fiharuhohi | Travel itinerary for Maldives

To get to Fiharhohi, you need to take a speedboat. Fiharhohi is the last island of South Male and the location of the Maldives’ very famous floating bungalows. The place is truly a tropical paradise with fascinating views of the Indian Ocean. Beach resorts are just as attractive, with thatched roofs and private decks overlooking the island grounds. This is where you just have to forget everything and relax. Enjoy exotic spa treatments as well.

Aquatic Activities-Snorkeling and Diving

Maldives is a paradise for marine life. You can book a snorkeling or dive tour at your local dive center and explore underwater life. Maavelaathu, Banana Reef, Vilivaru Corner and Maafushi Corner are the main snorkeling spots. Diving in the Maldives is an unforgettable experience. Maafushi has three dive centers and costs $ 35 per dive. Among other water sports, you can go parasailing, jet skiing, or a fascinating kayaking tour.


Visit the sandbar in the middle of the clear turquoise water. Sit on a pristine white sand beach and enjoy stunning views of the ocean.

Dolphin Safari

Don’t miss it. It will be a wonderful sight to see a flock of dolphins playing gracefully in the water. Finding dolphins is always a matter of chance, but finding dolphins makes it a surreal experience.

Day 5: Return to Maafushi

Return from Fiharhohi to Maafushi and take the time to explore the place this day. Please visit the souvenir shop. It’s cheaper than other islands, so it’s a good idea to buy souvenirs here.

Day 6: Murfushi-Fridho | Travel itinerary for Maldives

Fulidhoo, another island paradise in the Maldives, is a small island measuring only 675m x 200m. You can get here by speedboat or public ferry. Public ferries run from Male to Fridho and stop at Maafushi. The main beach here is very beautiful. You can also enjoy snorkeling, diving and kayaking in the lagoon here. There are many guest houses on this island.

Day 7: Fulidhoo-Male | Travel itinerary for Maldives

Male is the capital of the Maldives. By exploring the capital, I always feel that I can really understand the culture of that country. When you arrive in Male from Maafushi, free your day to explore this crowded capital. There are no mandatory attractions for men. You can visit the Sultan Park, the Presidential Residence, Murry Age and the National Museum. If you haven’t visited the mosque on the second day, it’s time to visit.

Men have several international restaurants serving international and Indian cuisine. You can stay overnight in Male on your own. Somerset Hotel, Hotel Gen Mare and Hotel Octave are several options for checking out.

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