Top 10 Tips to Solo Travel Like A Boss - Part 1

Top 10 Tips to Solo Travel Like A Boss - Part 1

Can there be anything better than travelling? I came back from Puducherry (Pondicherry) two days back and what a trip it has been – not because the place is nice (it is) but travelling solo has its perks. And since I have been solo travelling for quite some time now, I would like to take the liberty to introduce you to all the FAQ’s, tips, recommendations and encouragement to try solo travelling at least once in your life time. Life is too short to die with regrets.

P.S. – Check out brilliant suggestions on books written by solo travellers in the end.

Let us start with the FAQs:

  • Why do you solo travel?
  • Don’t you get bored?
  • Isn’t it costly to plan vacations alone?
  • Are your parents okay with it?
  • How are you comfortable with befriending strangers?
  • Is it better than travelling with your family/friends/partner?
  • Is it safe to travel alone, especially as a female?
  • “You are an extrovert, it must be easy to travel alone.”

Why do you solo travel?

When I started solo travelling, these questions would agitate me. Simply because it made me think I somehow require permission to just be on my own. With time and more places that I have visited, I feel confident in answering the above questions now. My experiences are not unique—ask any solo traveller and they must have gone through the same initiation, so to speak.

For every solo traveller, the reason they do so can vary. I solo travel to learn, heal and believe in the basic goodness of humanity (and enjoy, of course!). In today’s world, it is so easy to sit comfortably at home in a bubble that is filled with distractions, and the content you consume is primarily manipulated to feed you more of what you feel is missing in your life. But actively bursting that bubbling repeatedly alone can do wonders. Breaking monotony is the key to sanity for me. It expands your thought process; challenges or confirms your thinking; you meet a variety of people and most of them are pretty nice. Additionally, travelling alone helps you build your self-resilience—the fact that you can manage things on your own no matter what gives confidence. It is the same feeling I get after running marathons—the feeling that everything is possible if you put your head into it.

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