Story: An Elderly Lady Who was Looking for a Bus

Story: An Elderly Lady Who was Looking for a Bus

In a crowded bus station in some city, there was an elderly lady who was looking for a bus for traveling to her sister’s place. There were many buses all-around at the bus station, ready for traveling to different places. There was a big purse hanging around the right shoulder of the lady and she was dragging a red suitcase by its (the suitcase) wheels while looking for a bus which could make her reach her destination. She was not having a pleasant day dragging the suitcase.

The lady (in her mind, while getting irritated from the hard work she had to do and complaining about other people present at the bus station)- Everybody is busy doing his/ her thing. Nobody is even thinking that this lady might be struggling to pull the suitcase, let’s help her. Everybody has got so selfish these days.

While she was saying these things in her mind, there came a young and gentle-looking boy near the lady.

The Boy- Arre, ohh God. You might be finding it very difficult to take that luggage with you.

The Lady- Yes ‘beta’ (son). So nice of you that you asked, otherwise, nobody cares about others these days.

The Boy- Have you come alone, mam?

The Lady- Yes ‘beta’ (son).

The Boy (getting surprised by the situation)- How can someone leave you alone dragging this heavy suitcase?

The Lady- But, what to do ‘beta’ (son)? My son is looking after his work in another state and my husband has gone out of town because of a sudden tour regarding his work for a few days. So, I thought that it’s better to visit my sister’s place rather than getting bored at my place.

The Boy- Ohh, so, you are going to your sister’s place. Mam, where does your sister live?

The Lady- Vigyaspur.

The Boy- Ohh Vigyaspur! I have to go to Sahatpur which comes in the way to Vigyaspur

The Boy had a look at the buses present at the bus station near where he was standing, then,

The Boy (to the lady)- Mam, come with me, I will help you get on the bus to Vigyaspur and I will also accompany you on the journey. In this way, you will not feel alone and I will help you with your luggage.

The Lady- You are so nice, son. May God bless you with everything and everywhere.

The boy by his left hand held the handle of the suitcase and started dragging the suitcase by its wheels, while doing the same, he was guiding the lady to the bus which was............

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