StealthEX Review

StealthEX Review


StealthEX was founded in 2018 and is an unmanaged platform. They give traders the ability to buy and convert cryptocurrencies without having to register on the platform, with no hidden fees or restrictions. There is no KYC procedure, no additional charges, or hidden charges. What’s more, it provides its users with privacy and security. has partnered with several ultra-fast and easy exchanges like Binance, allowing users to visit their partners’ websites to find the best price. According to the  test, users can access over 350 cryptocurrencies on this exchange.

Why StealthEX?

StealthEX is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that provides traders with anonymity and privacy and does not need to register on this website. This exchange does not provide support services such as wallet offerings, but traders must have their own wallet if they want to exchange cryptocurrencies on the exchange. This website is simple and easy to use and has multiple users all over the world. According to some  reviews, many have confirmed that the use of is one of the most convenient and easy platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies and highly recommend it.

How does StealthEX work?

If a trader wants to exchange assets, he must choose from a drop-down list and the specific coins he receives.  connects and searches with partners. The exchange algorithm finds the best rate, liquidity, price of a trading pair and displays the conversion rate of crypto-to-crypto transactions. When the trader confirms the order, the swap will be executed on the exchange.

Traders do not need to transfer their money to the platform. Swaps can take 15-30 minutes, depending on cryptocurrency and blockchain network usage. When the transaction is executed and completed, the exchanged coins will be sent directly to the provider’s wallet address.

Is StealthEX regulated?

According to a review of  we legally support traders who can swap unlimited 350 or more currencies without logging in to the exchange. Therefore, there is no need to proceed with the KYC procedure. StealthEX’s motto is to provide traders with unlimited, safe, and easy exchanges. In addition, it is one of the unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges.

StealthEX Features

  • StealthEX is a lightweight switch, but let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of using \
  • A user-friendly interface is accessible from any device.
  • No registration is required.
  • Choose from over 300 crypto assets.
  • Ability to buy 9 different assets with debit/credit card. Reasonable rates for transactions.
  • There are no restrictions of any kind on the exchange.
  • One of the best customer support teams in the world of cryptocurrencies. The main purpose of the

StealthEX is to make everything simple and easy to replace. Can it be done with that? Let’s see!

Fees, Legitimacy, and Supported Countries

StealthEX charges a small fee for transactions. The fee will be added to the network fee required to transfer the cipher to your address. However, StealthEX does ensure that the charges incurred in the transaction are displayed before they are confirmed. There is no doubt about the legitimacy of the Stealth EX. It’s a very simple service, so it’s easy to see if StelathEX is using a suspicious method. As far as we know, they are not.

Finally, because this is a non-custodial exchange, StelathEX is  supported in all countries. Of course, if prohibited in your country, this does not legalize trading with cryptocurrencies. However, StealthEX allows you to use the service anywhere.

Data Protection: How Private is StealthEX?

When it comes to privacy, there is no reason to believe that you are at risk while using StealthEX. This is because the website does not store or request your personal information. When exchanging ciphers, all you need to do is enter the address where you will receive the money and then transfer the money to StealthEX. No registration or other information is required, so there is no risk to your personal data.

StealthEX Security 

When you start a transaction on StealthEX, you will find a specific pair on four different exchanges. These exchanges are Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, and HitBTC. All four are known to have airtight security protocols.

However, there is an additional layer of protection between you and the exchange. The exchange does not know who you are because no details of you have been given. StealthEX will automatically find the cheapest price on the exchange and start trading.

Currency non-storage allows you to receive your preferred currency directly in your selected wallet as soon as you make a deposit. StealthEX does not offer or recommend its own wallet. At the time of this writing, StealthEX has no serious security breaches and no confirmed reports of incomplete transactions. This makes StealthEX a very safe replacement.

StealthEX Support

Support is an area of ​​commendable StealthEX. Customer support, with a Trustpilot rating of 4.7, is one of the areas that StealthEX users are constantly admiring. If you encounter any issues while using the service, simply contact our support team. Teams are known not only to solve problems that arise but also to solve problems quickly. Most users reported that the issue was resolved within hours of the first contact.

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