Read These Books to Master the Art of Marketing

Read These Books to Master the Art of Marketing

If there is one thing that excites me the most, it is learning about how the best marketers' brains work. I've always been curious about how marketing strategies influence us to buy things we don't even need.
And it's not just about the companies that use marketing strategies; it's about everyone around you who is trying to sell you something—a strategy, a proposal, a story, a belief, or anything.
Although, before I graduated, I reasoned that I didn't need to learn marketing because I could hire one if necessary. However, after closely observing and spending approximately two years in the online world, I realised that if I don't know how to sell or market myself, I will quickly vanish from the market's site. "The best advertising is done by satisfied customers," said Philip Cotler (the father of marketing), and he is not wrong. Even in the case of self-marketing, if you are able to deliver what you promise, you will automatically sell by word of mouth.
If you believe that understanding marketing isn't necessary for advancement, you're deluding yourself. Marketing is essential and, to be honest, relatively simple if done correctly.
Here are four books that have helped me understand marketing and that you should read based on your goals.

The Top 4 Marketing Books of All Time

1. Seth Godin's All Marketers Tell Stories
We, Humans, believe that no one is smarter than us, but in reality, no one is dumber than us. How?
We are emotional beings despite the fact that we have a brain. We are far more likely to connect with people and brands who appeal to our emotions.
You may not remember what you read in your textbook the day before, but you remember everything your grandparents used to tell you.
Why? We recognise ourselves in those stories because we identify with them, and remembering stories requires little effort on our part.

George Riedel has been telling a compelling story about wine glasses for many years. He believes that wine tastes better when served in his glasses, and guess what? He's right. He is correct. People will pay ten times more just to sip wine from their glasses.
He claims that each wine has a fascinating story to tell and that the glass acts as a mediator, interpreting the directive for the person drinking from it.
This is where the story's power comes into play. Nobody can stop you from becoming legendary if you can use the power of narrative to sell your products or establish your brand.
"We consume the can rather than the beverage."
All Marketers Tell Stories by Seth Godin will teach you how to tell a narrative, what types of stories to tell, and the dos and don'ts of storytelling. This is one of those books that I believe everyone, regardless of profession, should read.

2. infectious
Humans are an odd species. We do things we aren't even aware of, and this is how marketers win promotions and sales. Okay! Let's break it down in simple terms.
Have you ever wondered why some things become famous while others fade into obscurity? Isn't it more likely that it was just a lucky break? That's not going to happen! There is a reason why some things go viral. Contagious is a book that investigates why some things succeed despite the fact that they are not unique. The difference is in how you market it and how you treat your customers.   

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