Plants Of Assam

Plants Of Assam

Plants Of Assam

Assam is a land of diversity, where two-thirds of the land is covered by dense forests and the rest is under cultivation. The region is known for its tea and is also a major producer of oil, cotton, rice, and jute. The people of this state are known for their hospitality and warm nature. They are also very fond of festivals and have a number of folk and religious festivals which are celebrated with great zeal and religiosity.

When you think of Assam, the first thing that comes to mind is probably tea. And while this is a state well-known for its tea industry, it is also a state that has a lot more to offer than just tea. One of the most talked-about attractions in Assam is the Assam Tea Co. a visitor’s centre that offers a glimpse of Assam’s rich tea history, and also a platform for the state’s tea growers to showcase their produce to the world. Located in the Kaziranga National Park, the Assam Tea Co. offers a unique experience of the region.

The state is home to beautiful landscapes and ancient traditions, but also records the highest rainfall in India. The state is largely agrarian, with tea, coffee, and oil being the primary cash crops. However, the state has also developed a number of other sectors, such as pharmaceuticals and textiles.

The eastern state of Assam is known as the rice bowl of India. The staple food of the state is rice, which forms the backbone of the local cuisine. Assam also boasts of several other mouth-watering dishes, including the Assam thali, which is a typical meal of the state. The staple food of the state is rice, which forms the backbone of the local cuisine.

Assam is the land of many rivers, valleys and hills – the perfect setting for the cultivation of tea, coffee and cocoa. Yet Assam is perhaps best known for the varieties of trees that grow there, most famously the jute plant. Jute is a flowering plant that is used to make paper, textiles and biodegradable plastic. In fact, the state is referred to as the ‘jute state’.

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