Leading life the Indra way

Leading life the Indra way

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Women play various roles in life trying to strike a balance between a fulfilling career and a happy family. Be it a successful leader at the corporate level, a caring daughter or mother at home, a supportive life partner or a helpful friend, women give it their all to whatever responsibility they have to fulfill. Being a role model for many while wearing multiple hats is something to be considered as an achievement. Not many can achieve the same and those who achieve definitely deserve a mention. Our today's book review is about one such extraordinary achiever whose story is definitely worth sharing and one capable of inspiring many.

My life in full is the narration of former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi's life throwing light on the various aspects of her personality while being a daughter, wife, mother or a super successful corporate leader. I picked up this much awaited book with an expectation of finding some of the most important takeaways from the leadership journey of a global icon. But after going through the entire book I was amazed to see the narration has revolved majorly around her personal life where she is a responsible daughter, a caring wife and mother. Her sacrifices for her family should be applauded. At the same time she ensured that while doing so her career doesn't take a back seat. An ever supportive family since childhood was a major factor in fulfilling her career goals. It hasn't been easy for her to reach where she is today. But somewhere down the line the learnings during the entire success journey or mention of various challenges on the way to a global success could have been presented a bit more effectively.

The book emphasizes on one of the most important yet underrated quality of a leader. Being compassionate in an otherwise ruthless and ever competitive corporate world is a quality to be acknowledged. One of the major qualities that made Indra Nooyi one of the sought after leaders globally. She has been a leader who was present for her people all the time be it at home or office. Another remarkable quality being her gratitude towards all the people who supported her throughout her journey. Her letter to her team members' families acknowledging their contribution towards the success of the organization is an act which is so rare yet commendable.

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