LAVASA City Pune – One of a Kind City

LAVASA City Pune – One of a Kind City

LAVASA City Pune – One of a Kind City (Most Famous LAVASA Places to Visit)

Lavasa, India’s first famous planned city, situated near Pune in Maharashtra, is a project based on Italian town Portofino. It’s a privately planned hill station which offers a lot to the tourists from mesmerizing views to well-developed infrastructure like hotels, malls, residential areas, IT companies etc. It is a totally new city that is still being developed. LAVASA City Pune – One of a Kind City (Most Famous LAVASA Places to Visit)

This controversial city of India, was visualized by Nationalist Congress Party’s (NCP) Sharad Pawar who wanted to make a fully urbanized city which has best in-class infrastructure. This project is being developed by HCC. This master plan has won 3 Global Awards. The history of this project begins when Sharad Pawar was ready to get flown from Mumbai to Pune in a helicopter where he spotted a large vacant land in Maharashtra. Then there, he thought to plan a new model city which now has came out to be ‘Lavasa’. Here is a Lavasa City Video you can enjoy watching.

Planning for Lavasa –

Phase I- Dasve will be operational from 2010 with almost 1,000 villas and 500 apartments. The development of Phase II would be ready by 2014. The third and fourth phases were decided to be ready by 2017 and 2021, respectively. Lavasa is big controversial city in which the controversy about drawing water from the Varasgaon Damas the Varasgaon Dam is primary source of water for Pune city. Also, Pune city already faces water shortage. Another controversy is about how forest lands are given for commercial purposes. You must visit: These 20 Places before you Die.

Tourist Attractions in Lavasa –

The Temghar Dam: Temghar Dam on Mutha River is a must visit place in lavasa. Its splendid beauty will leave you stunned. It’s a great blend of man’s and nature’s creations.

Indore Golf Recreation: It is one of the best places to visit in Lavasa City. This place guarantees you with some best of fascinating technology inventions. It also has Putt Golf courses and is the best place in Lavasa to have fun. Experience the thrill of Golfing here.

Adventure sports & Xthrill Adventure Academy: Camping amidst the natural surroundings with all luxuries, unusual yet perfect outing, all of your adventurous activities like Waterfall Rappeling, Rock climbing, Cycling, Riffle shooting, Valley crossing and much more. Isn’t all this together sounding so weird yet awesome at the same time? Yes, this is the place that will offer everything for you in a single package. Here, you can enjoy all kinds of adventurous activities.

Bamboosa: The best of bamboo crafts can be found here and nowhere else. For interiors of your restaurants, homes, offices all kinds of décor items can be found here. It’s the biggest market of bamboo craft.

Lakeshore Watersports: On the banks of Warasgaon Lake, is the most known place for water sports in Lavasa. It has innumerable types of water sports to offer. Enjoy the water crafts i.e., jet ski here for much exciting experience. Kayaking is also the best option here.

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