Kajabi Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Kajabi Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Kajabi is a platform where you can build and run courses online or you can also build and run the membership site business. There are various big creators who uses Kajabi for example Brendan Burchard and Amy Porterfield. Kajabi provides you with the facility of hosting online programs and then delivering it to the students in a very professional manner. With the help of Kajabi you can easily build website, create marketing funnels, automate email marketing and run a blog. Read below Kajabi Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons).

It is regarded as the leader in the field of knowledge commerce. It offers one all in one solution so it becomes very easy to create the online courses, run marketing campaign, build website and create a landing page. There is a difference in there offer and pricing strategies to what other online course platform offers you. The Kajabi is the only provider which provides you with all in one platform for building and running the digital product business

Kajabi features

Kajabi’s highlighted features which you are provided with are summed up and listed below :

  • You can easily create an engaging online courses with the help of various elements for example pdfs, videos, quizzes, etc.
  • You get the delivery of the course content in a very professional manner through the native course player.
  • You can also create a community forums for your members as well as your students.
  • You can easily build a creative blogs along with creative websites for your brands.
  • Charges a recurring subscriptions, one time fee along with the payment plans.
  • You can add upsells built a checkout page and along with that order bumps.
  • You can easily manage and create your affiliate programs
  • It helps you in building all the type of sales funnel for example product launch funnel, lead magnet funnel, webinar funnel etc.
  • CRM and email marketing automation tools.

You can easily have focus on you core jobs i.e. creating and selling courses online as there is a team that is working behind you and taking care of you by giving you security, maintaining platforms and along with that updating the platform. You should know that the Kajabi is not at all a marketplace for example like udemy. Here in Kajabi you get full control over all your course pricing and policies along with the control over student’s data.

Kajabi pros and cons

Pros of Kajabi

  1. It provides you with all in one facility i.e. you don’t have to wonder around in finding all the tools you need to use, you get all the tools at one place.
  2. You are offered with 10 + well furnished and designed themes along with various customization options needed by the course players.
  3. It also provides you with both iOS and the android apps.
  4. It provides you with various powerful engagement tools for example Assessment , Community etc.
  5. With the help of Kajabi you can easily create your own entire website and even you can run your own entire blog.
  6. It provides you with a sales pipeline builder which is inbuilt along with the tools for marketing automations.
  7. 24 × 7 Customer care support system

Kajabi cons

  1. You are not allowed to create certificates natively
  2. It do not support any advanced quiz elements for example randomization, question banks etc.
  3. Lacks flexibility in blogging functionality
  4. It do not handles sales tax
  5. The starting price charged by Kajabi is steep.

Customer Support system of Kajabi

Kajabi’s customer support system is very supportive among all the other online courses platform. The customer system is very strong and provides you with an excellent services. Among all it is one of those course platforms who provide their customer 24 × 7 support service through live chats.

You can get to them anytime if you are needing some help at any time of the day through their site and going to their live chat support system. As soon as you report to them with your issues they will reply you immediately with a solution to solve your issues.

Kajabi provides you with various tutorials explaining how to solve your issues and moreover guiding you with the steps how to work on them. You can search for your problem area in the assistant bar present on the Kajabi platform and it will provide you with relevant tutorial videos related to the topic searched.

They also provide you with the facility of accessing the Hero University. The Hero University provides you with lot of facilities like providing you with the facility of free training on various related topics for example training on creating your own online courses and training on starting with you own marketing etc.

If you are planning to start with your own online courses, they provide you with the 28 days challenge where they tell you how you can easily make up your first $ 1000 online. Kajabi also provide you with the reward program which is known as the Kajabi Hero. This program was designed so as to give rewards to those creators who have reached up to certain limit of revenue goals and exclusive perks . This is quite motivating to the beginners to follow their journey.

Kajabi has engaged a huge community on their Facebook group . On their official Facebook group they have more than 12 thousand members. This group provides you with various facilities for example they give you freedom to ask question, moreover you can also get help from various fellow course creators and get connected with them for further help.

Kajabi Pricing

There are basically three Pricing plans which are offered by the Kajabi platform. All these plans offers you with the facility of 0% transaction fee, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited video hosting through Wistia. The lowest tier plan of Kajabi is called the basic plan which cost you $ 149 / month. In the basic plan you get the facility of creating three products along with 3 sales pipelines.

The second level pricing plan is known as the growth plan that cost you $ 199 / month. The growth plan gives you the facility of creating more number of pipelines and the products along with giving more number of members on the site. In addition to this feature you are also provided with some additional features like affiliate automations and marketing.

The third plan of the Kajabi is the pro plan which costs you $ 399 / month. This plan increases your limit to a greater extent. But it has been reviewed that customers majorly prefer going for the basic plan and the growth plan rather than the pro plan. The Kajabi do not offer you with any free plan .

You only get the free trial period with all the plans so that you get time to try the software. Basically you get a trial period of 14 days but you can extend it to 28 days by joining the Kajabi Hero Challenge.

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