Instagram Growth Strategy that works in 2022

Instagram Growth Strategy that works in 2022

Know that Instagram profiles that maintain people on the site are rewarded. As a result, for a business account, your goal should be more than simply a few hundred likes on a post. In fact, you should give your consumers something to do in order to keep them coming back.

Understand that, like many other networks, Instagram takes time and effort to master. On the road to popularity, there are no fast fixes. It’s all about providing your audience exactly what they want on a regular basis. I’ll be concentrating mostly on your feed.

So, where should you begin?

6 Instagram Growth Hacks That works for me

1. Recognize your target market

Have you taken the effort to figure out who your target audience is? If you don’t know, stop reading this right now and go find it out. Your strategy is influenced by your target audience. Not just for Instagram, but for any platform, niche, or marketing campaign.

You must have a thorough grasp of your target demographic and the tribe you want to recruit. It’s not enough to say, “I want millennials who are interested in the laptop lifestyle.” You’ve made a good start, but you need to think more deeply.

A 20-year-old millennial and a 33-year-old millennial have opposing desires. Furthermore, not every millennial who wants to live a laptop lifestyle will do it in the same way.

Concentrate on who you’re serving because once you know who they are, you’ll be able to provide them with what they require again and time again.

2. The King is valuable Content (Yes , it Works)

It’s not only about the amount of your material (which I’ll go into later), but also about the quality.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a crucial consideration when considering how to increase Instagram followers. Every every post on your Instagram feed should be of excellent quality and aesthetically appealing.

When a new user comes to your profile, the material should pique their interest and make them want to learn more. A new visitor’s desire for more is what motivates them to click Follow.

People are more likely to like, comment on, and share your articles if they have good content. This engagement earns you an Instagram Algorithm Boost, which increases your reach and helps you get more followers.

3. By finding out what works

Make a list of accounts that cater to the audience you’d like to reach or that do what your company does.

I propose three types of accounts.

  1. A big account having hundreds of thousands (or millions) of followers.
  2. Thousands of followers on a medium-sized account.
  3. There’s also a tiny account with hundreds of followers.

Make audit these accounts and make a list of the following

  • Size of their account.
  • Which of their images has received the most likes?
  • Which of their photos receives the most comments?
  • What hashtags do they use?


Start uploading photos and videos that are similar to or identical to the ones that are generating the most interaction, such as likes and comments.

You may even repost one of these accounts’ most popular images every now and again.

4. Consistency

If you want to grow rapidly, you need post (useful material) at least 3–7 times each day for at least 6 months. People need to know that they can count on you to provide them with what they require on a daily basis.

And, like with anything else in life, doing something regularly will pay off. What should you do when the Instagram algorithm starts to reward you for your consistency by giving you even more engaged followers?

Of sure, you should increase your posting frequency. When you start to gain traction, most individuals begin to ease off the brakes.

5. Use Proper Hashtag

Another approach for your audience to find you is through social media. Consider which hashtags your target audience is already using. This is a fantastic method to grow your audience and add fresh material to your account. First and foremost, come up with a unique hashtag (be sure it isn’t currently in use!) and urge people to use it.

It’s preferable if the hashtag has a specific goal in mind. You may repost photos from your followers (giving them due credit, of course!) after people start using your hashtag (and YOU use it, too!).

This not only builds community by demonstrating your appreciation for your followers’ photographs, but it also provides material for your own account.

6. Connect your Instagram account to your other social media accounts

You could believe that if you have a blog, Twitter, or Facebook account, your followers are already following you on all of these platforms. They most likely aren’t! Encourage them to follow you on Instagram with a simple tweet or Facebook post… It will attract a larger number of followers than you anticipate.

This can assist your fans on other social media platforms find your Instagram account — and then follow you there as well!

Last but not least

You must understand that the younger generation of customers is more accustomed to traditional branding and marketing strategies. A nice programmed way of interacting with them will no longer be effective.

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