IBMi Application Modernization Guide – The Why, How and What?

IBMi Application Modernization Guide – The Why, How and What?

My legacy system works just fine. What is the need for IBMi modernization? My legacy system is reliable. Why is there a need to modernize it? We often hear our customers preach about how their legacy IBMi AS400 system is in great condition and why it doesn’t need an upgrade. But, it’s our job to make them aware of the problems that may cross their paths in the near future.

Are you a proud IBMi user? This one is for you.

What are the challenges of the legacy system?

1. My system extends pathetic customer experience

2. My System is exposed to security threats

3. My current development team/partner lacks the technical expertise

4. I am unsure that the current system will support the scalability metric

5. My current system lacks Data Control and Management

6. I am worried that I might lose the competitive edge and the current market share

What should I know before I approach an IBMi Modernization Company?

What are the current business challenges and possible solutions? IBMi Modernization isn’t a “One size fits all” approach, you need to understand this first. Agreed that you are going to rope in the best-in-class IBMi modernization company to do the job for you. If you are fortunate enough, you will also be able to land a firm that carries domain expertise in your field of work.

However, they aren’t acquainted with the system that you are using as you do. No one, believe us no one knows your current system better than you and your users. Going further, if you want them to understand your system and then figure out the possible solutions, it’s going to eat up more time and budget for sure.

So, what can be done in this case? It’s always better to have first-hand insights in place before you call upon IBMi modernization.

What infrastructure, applications, and services need improvement?

IBMi modernization doesn’t mean revamping the whole setup! A lot of leaders often think of it as an end-to-end revamp and defer IBMi modernization till the system fails. And, to be honest, this costs you 10 times more than the actual modernization. What we are underlining here is the fact that IBMi modernization is all about an upgrade, to make the system function better. It could be an application, a service, or a hardware component.

What security concerns are to be addressed through the IBMi Modernization Process?

1. What is the total number of system users who have access to critical data?

2. Is the data accessibility being tracked to avoid unwanted data breaches?

3. Is there a security provision to combat data attacks?

4. How many active user accounts are there? Are these accounts administrated actively?

5. Is there a security measure to combat malware vulnerabilities?

How does Integrative help you achieve a smoother IBMi Modernization?

In its 20 years of service, Integrative has always prioritized its customers’ success and does it even today with pride. Let’s understand the Integrative Approach.

1. Assess the legacy system for challenges and opportunities to improvise

2. Discuss the Scope & Priority

3. Develop a plan for End-to-End IBMi Modernization

4. Implementation & Data Migration

5. Test the Performance of the System post-IBMi Modernization

6. Support & Maintenance

IBMi modernization is an audacious move in itself. Considering the volume of data that you are sitting on and the legacy system that you are using, it’s indeed dreadful to think of a change.

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