How to tie hair at night to preventing hair loss?

How to tie hair at night to preventing hair loss?

If you find clumps of hair all-around your bed and pillow, then you are not alone. Hair loss is becoming one of the most significant day-to-day issues we are facing. You might not even know it, but you lose more hair when you sleep. How to tie hair at night to preventing hair loss?

There could be many reasons due to which you are losing your precious mane. It could be due to the unwanted friction caused between your hair and pillow when you toss and turn in your sleep. It could be due to sleeping with your hair tied wrongly or maybe some of the other habit of yours that is weakening your roots.

There are many other medical perspectives on the situation too. Some of the reasons could be:

  • Hard brushing
  • Elastic bands and hair ties
  • Prolonged pulled up hair
  • Chemotherapy
  • Stress
  • Thyroid problems
  • Excessive use of shampoo or conditioner
  • Chemicals and bleach used in hair coloring
  • Excessive exposure to heat while styling hair

To avoid this problem, here are some methods by which you can prevent hair damage in your sleep:

Wrap your head in a scarf or turban

Make your beauty sleep more beautiful for your hair by wrapping your hair with a satin scarf. A satin scarf will protect your hair from getting exposed to unnecessary friction from the pillow. It will protect your ends and prevent them from getting damaged. A scarf will not only protect your terms but also save your hairstyle! You can maintain a hairstyle by wrapping a turban or scarf on your head while sleeping. This way, your hair does not get marks of the elastic band and leaves no folds on it, and your hair remains as gorgeous as before. How to tie hair at night to preventing hair loss?

Don’t tie your hair up

Keeping your hair up in a messy bun or an up-do seems pleasant, but it might lead your hair to be damaged. Understandably, you want your hair away from your face while sleeping, but tying your hair at night in a secure manner will strain your Scalp. It will keep the hair stressed, which might lead to its damage from the roots. So, instead of tying it up tightly, make a loose ponytail so that the source of hair could breathe. It is beneficial for the health of the hair.

Say yes to braids

The option to go for instead of an uptight ponytail or messy bun is braided! Twists could be added as one of the ways of hair loss prevention. You could go for a loose classic ‘three-stranded braid’ or a ‘Dutch braid’ or even a ‘fishtail braid.’ Basically, something that doesn’t pull your hair up and stresses it. Braids will save you the trouble of hair loss while sleeping and keep your hair intact.

Braids also help you get a trendy look as they give a wavy texture once you open them up in the morning.

Use a satin pillowcase

Just like the satin scarf, a satin pillowcase will protect your hair-ends from getting damaged. A traditional, cotton pillowcase is coarse. The rough texture will create more friction as compared to a satin scarf. A satin case will be smooth against your head and will prevent your hair from getting frizzy in the morning.

Wet hair, not fair

Sleeping with a wet-head is a big no-no. Wet hair is weaker than when it is dry, so never sleep without drying out your hair properly. Either wash your hair earlier or air-dry it properly before sleeping. Drying your Scalp before sleeping is one of the ways for hair loss prevention. It will keep the pores in your Scalp closed and will prevent hair fall. Weak roots are not suitable for a healthy mane.

Dry your hair after washing

One of the hair loss cures is to moisturize the roots. If you are one of those people who wash their hair at night, then use moisturizing products like a leave-in conditioner or serum when the Scalp is damp. This will help you to prevent hair loss at the night. It will also keep the hair moisturized even after air-drying them. How to tie hair at night to preventing hair loss?

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