How To Start A Travel Blog: Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Start A Travel Blog: Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Start A Travel Blog?

Want to pursue your dreams and start your own successful Travel blog? If yes, then here’s how we can help you build your career in the respective field.

Travel Blogging has helped thousands of people who love traveling build their career in the field of their interest. Now, traveling is not just wasting money and time or just a dream for many. It has become a very good option to build your career with complete passion and enthusiasm. Yes, it’s true. Now you can get paid for traveling too.

Here’s how to start a successful and profitable Travel blog:-

1) Get your blog a fresh and interesting name

First of all, before starting everything, the most essential and basic step is to get your blog a cool and fresh name which describes you and your blog in a perfect manner. For this, you must surely keep in mind the following points:

Keep it short and simple – The more your blog name is complex and difficult to remember, the more unsuccessful it goes. So let be short and as simple as it can be so that the public can easily remember it. No one likes too long names of sites which are so difficult to search and remember. Make less use of long and complex words. Also, try to avoid the use of hyphens as much as possible. This too irritates the viewers. The best advice would be to keep it short, simple and cool.

Give it a fresh and unique name – The names like ‘Traveler xyz’, ‘Nomadic xyz’ and much more have become so common and are being already used by so many bloggers that you won’t get yourself recognized if you do the same. Give it a unique and a new name which hasn’t come in this industry till the date which also, can best describe you and your blog so that it attracts a maximum number of people.

2) Choose a perfect Hosting Platform

Hosting is nothing but just a platform where you can store your blog’s data so that viewers can get an easy access to your content. Hosting can actually be cheap. There are so many hosing companies. You have a wide variety of choices as per your plan. You can compare the prices of different companies and choose the best one for you like, BlueHost can be a good option and there are much more. if you don’t have a much budget then you can also choose for free hosting

3) Start using WordPress

For starting a serious travel blog, you need to have an account on WordPress as many sites use WordPress as their content manager. It provides your blog with additional features. You can also download many new plugins in your WordPress dashboard. If your budget is not much, you can also create an account on Blogger and monetize that too. You can also make use of different SEO’s i.e. Search Engine Optimisation. This helps you in suggesting improvements for your blog which will help your viewers to find your site much easier. Also, it is a very important plugin for optimizing one’s articles. Check out complete article how to start a blog.

4) Enroll yourself for the respective courses

No one is born expert as a child. You need to work hard on yourself each day and grow yourself more. Now that you’ve learned to create or to establish your own blog, it’s time to learn and explore much more new things to become a professional. For that, you may enroll for a Travel Blogging course or any other course related to your line. Knowledge is vast, the more you study the more it grows.

5) Quality Content

Now when your blog has been set up completely, you can pin down your first blog. As a starter, read other blog sites for inspiration and learning more. Follow some great bloggers, get the idea of how to write and write one of yours. Also, share your real life experiences.

6) Spread it to the world

As your first blog is done, spread it all over to your friends, families, colleagues etc. You can also make use of your social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and many more which you use. Also, remember to use the same user name on all your social media accounts so that it doesn’t create confusion for your audience. Try to keep the user name same as of your blog name. It will help you more to create an audience.

7) Your Earnings

You can also earn by displaying ads on your blog. You can show ads with help of Google Adsense. As when you display an ad on your site, you get money whenever a user clicks the ads from your site. For using Google Adsense there are many terms and conditions which you have to surely follow. There must be minimum 10-20 articles on your blog and also, there must be a good reach of viewers on your blog. Then only you’ll be eligible to display ads on your blog through Google Adsense. You can only apply for monetization if there is atleast a reach of 100 visitors per day on your site.

8) Grow your audience

Building a blog is an easy task but setting up and maintaining your audience is much challenging. The most convenient and best way to grow your audience is to create the best of your contents. In this field, quality matters a lot. The more interesting the content is, the more viewers will engage with your blog. Hope you like this article how to start a blog..

The path to success is never an easy task instead, sometimes it takes too long, maybe a lot of years to reach your goal. But yes, it can happen overnight but it will only be possible if you work harder. You can only be successful if you are truly dedicated to it. Now you are all set. So, Start one of yours now and have a happy blogging journey!

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