How to get to BELIZE on a budget

How to get to BELIZE on a budget

Hey Guys! It’s time to take you on Caribbean Tour. Here we Go :


We were advised by my girlfriend’s university that to extend our tourist visas, all we need to do is exit the country and then re-enter… simple. We chose Belize. Belize is a Caribbean country just outside of Mexico. It has the lowest population in Central America and to my great excitement – having spent six months in Mexico where I am still learning the language – the primary language is English.

As students, we wanted to go in the most economical way possible and with a direct plane costing about £800 for the both of us, we decided to find another way. We found we could get a plane to Chetumal (a small city within Mexico, with flights costing £30 each!) and from there get a taxi to the border where we would meet another taxi. This sounds quite complicated, but to sustain a full year of living abroad we must be quite tight and have grown accustomed to budgeting during a trip.

Overall, with the hotels (in Mexico City and Chetumal) and aeroplanes, the costs of getting there and back were roughly £300 for us both. Quite a good result.

We awoke and had a smooth journey to Chetumal. ...

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