How to Allow Anonymous Comments In Blogger

How to Allow Anonymous Comments In Blogger

Google cares a lot about responsive blogs. A new algorithm based on responsiveness will give a low rating to blogs that contain unresponsive topics. Blogger’s comment system doesn’t respond despite thousands of updates. But the problem is not responsiveness. Comment system problem. Visitors who want to comment on your blog must have a Google account. Google believes it reduces spam comments. However, some bloggers have never thought about spam and would like to allow anonymous comments to bloggers.

Nothing beats getting comments on your blog. Whenever a blogger posts a great post and receives comments from readers, it’s always encouraging and the blogger feels value. An important way to get comments is to allow users to comment anonymously. Anonymous comments here mean that the user can choose not to enter their name in the comment box, and his or her remarks will not be credited to anyone.

Benefits of enabling anonymous comments

There are several reasons why you should allow anonymous comments on your blog, including:

1. Add more comments: If you’re the type of blogger who wants to hear what others have to say about your content, you need to give everyone the opportunity to comment on your blog. Enabling anonymous comments gives more people the opportunity to comment on your blog. Turning off anonymous comments can make it very difficult to leave comments on your blog.

2.This helps protect your user ID: Not everyone wants to see their name, photo and profile on the internet. Some are afraid, others are simply skeptical. Anonymous comments may help protect your identity from spam.

3. Turn on anonymous comments to continue the conversation: If everyone can comment, the conversation will take longer. This is important for forums and tutorial websites. Anonymous comments can effectively ruin your blog if you don’t moderate them, so you need to enable comment moderation on your blogger blog.

If comment moderation is enabled, all comments posted on the blog will be sent to the desired email address. Then you can see and remove what you don’t want to see on your blog. The essence of this post is primarily aimed at beginners who are struggling to allow anonymous comments on blogger blogs, or who don’t know what anonymous comments mean. Blogger’s default settings do not allow anonymous comments and must be done manually.


The biggest downside to activations is the spam. Many people need to build some backlinks on their blog. The best and easiest way to create a backlink is to use blog comments. Therefore, bloggers use it. However, some bloggers spam blogs because of backlinks. They post comments like Thank You, Great, Nice Post and more. That’s why bloggers need to check their spam boxes daily.

To allow anonymous comments on blogger blogs

  1. Go to and go to Settings.
  2. Click Posts, Comments, Shares.
  3. In the comments section, there is a subsection called “Users whocan comment on this blog”.
  4. Select someone.
  5. Yes! accomplished.

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