Do you want to Start Blog for free? Yes, it’s excellent if it’s all free, All right then you are at the right place because here is the complete guide for a beginner start blog and also earn money from blog. It’s difficult but not impossible to earn money from blog. Many pro bloggers and 1000s of there guide books are talking about earning money from blog and giving proofs for the same, but we don’t have such things we will really let you know the things which help you start free blog, and also will tell you the products which are paid through that you can save that time and grow fastly your blog. So let’s start the guide and become a pro blogger.

Bellow are total 10 Steps to start a blog that Earn. Read now 

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What do you need as a beginner start blog for free and earn from blog?

Step#1 How to Choose the Blog Niche? Is it Can be your interest or select a Niche that has high earnings?

Step#2 How to Select Best Blogging Platform WordPress or Blogger or Is there any other Alternative?

Pros & Cons Of Blogging on WordPress

Pros & Cons Of Blogging on Blogger

Step#3 How to find a Domain Name for a Blog? Did you check these cheap hosting and domain?

Do’s for Domain Name

Don’t Do’s for Domain Name

1. BlueHost Domain Name

2. Hostinger Domain Name

3. Namecheap Domain Name

Let Me Tell You Briefly About The Different Types Of Hosting Which Are Available In The Market.

Points To Remember While Purchasing A Hosting From Hosting Provider

Below are the 3 Best hosting Provider comparisons, select one to start a blog.

Step#4 How to set up a blog on WordPress blog setup/Blogger blog setup?

Install WordPress direct from the Bluehost Hosting account if you have purchased Bluehost hosting. Otherwise, you need to select other alternative article given above.

Step#5 How to find cheap Themes and Plugins? and how to customize Themes and Plugin.

Points you need to know while selecting theme and plugin for you blog or wordpress website.

Best Keypoints for Theme

Best Keypoints for plugins

Below are some popular WordPress themes which are recommended and used by many bloggers.

Hope you have selected A Premium Theme / Free theme let’s Check How to install a Theme in Your WordPress blog

How to install plugin to your wordpress blog/ website

Its time to know About Best and Must Use essential wordpress plugin which you need to install

Step#6 How Write blog post that brings high Traffic?

Things you must use and Keep in mind while writing a blog post on new blog.

How you can Add or write your first post on the blog see bellow

Step#7 How to do SEO of blog to rank high in google?

How to Use WordPress Yosta SEO plugin for SEO Analysis while writing Blog Post?

Step#8 How to Monetize your Blog and what are the alternatives to earn from the blog?

Points need to remember before choosing a Blog monetizing method

Have you checked these best advertise network for blog and alternative to Adsense?

Have you checked these best Affiliate Network or Affiliate Programs to join?

Monetize your blog with Sponsered Review and Guest post

Monetize your blog by Product Selling or Course selling

Monetize your blog by Offering online services

Earn by Create blog approve adsense and than sell the blog.

Step#9 How to Increase blog Traffic?

Social Media Optimization (SMO):–

Create a Facebook page and share blog posts to bring traffic to your blog.

Create Quality Backlink (Part of Off page SEO):–

Below are some ways using them you can create quality backlinks and get good traffic.

Step#10 Bonus secret of my knowledge for Beginner Start blog for free and earn money from blog.

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