Holi In Mumbai: Know How Mumbaikars Reveal Their Happy Colors!

Holi In Mumbai: Know How Mumbaikars Reveal Their Happy Colors!

Holi in Mumbai

As winter begins and spring approaches, the festival of colors is not far away. On March 19th of this year, spectacles of splashes and colors are seen all over the country, and people go out to the streets to welcome the festival with stunning glitz and shows.

The Holi Festival (also known as the Festival of Colors) is one of India’s most important Hindu holidays, celebrating the victory of good over evil and welcoming the abundant spring harvest. The most iconic part of the festival is throwing bright shades, so everyone ends up with a bright splash of color throughout their body and clothing. It has become very well known and is celebrated not only in India but also in cities around the world.

However, the activity seen at this festival is not limited to throwing colors. Another tradition related to Holi is to drink plenty of Thandai, a milky white drink seasoned with double-sided doll drums, Raindance under waterjets, fennel, saffron, rose petals and other spices. included.

Each region of the subcontinent has its own way of celebrating the festival, and the city of Mumbai has decided to celebrate the festival in the strangest way of the year. From wilderness camping events to luxury resort stays, Mumbai’s Holi is about to make amazing changes this year. Here are some of the best holi events in Mumbai. This ensures that the bright colors of the holiday season are revealed in the Marathi swag style.

1. Mumbai Holi Festival Tour 2022: Splash of Colors

Grand Mumbai is hosting a full-fledged Holi Event, so this year we will celebrate it in a traditional style. This exciting event begins on the eve of Holi with the Holika Dahan (Burning Holi) Ceremony, followed by the main celebration in March, with the opportunity to witness Holi’s unique celebration in Mumbai.

Date: March 2022

Admission: 2000 Indian Rupees per person (Prices may vary)

2. Dahanu Chikoo Farm: Holi Special Camping

Small Steps Adventures has added a new twist to Mumbai’s Holi Festival system. Quit the mainstream way of celebrating Holi, and welcome the festival in a whole new, and exciting manner. This event not only allows you enjoy the festival with colors and water, but also lets you cherish the experience of night camping, live DJ performances, and bonfire along with scrumptious meals to make the experience even more memorable.

Location: Dahanu Chikoo Farm, Rampur Post Gholvad, Dahanu

Date: March 2022

Entry Fee: INR 1800 per person(prices may vary)

3. Sunrise To Sunset: A Colorful Bash

Brace yourselves for one of the most amazing Holi events in Mumbai, i.e., the Holi 2022 Sunrise to Sunset festival. Bring out the child in you, and enjoy the festival with utmost zeal. This festival brings to you a booming DJ session that will be hosted by DJ Shugi Born, along with surprise artist appearances. So, book your tickets now to enjoy this lively, and ecofriendly “Herbal Colours Only” Holi celebration in Mumbai.

Location: Kalamb Beach, Mumbai

Date: March 2022

Entry Fee: INR 1900 per person(prices may vary)

4. Holi Pool Party: Airbrush The Beach

Thinking about attending a Holi pool party in Mumbai? Get ready to airbrush the Gorai Beach with vibrant neon colors as Khayara Events is presenting one of the most awaited Holi festival in Mumbai. Glittering pool parties offer dance, music, colors, water, food, drinks, and unlimited fun. Secure your tickets now and enjoy the festival in the most vibrant way ever.

Location: Mumbai, Borivali, Gorai Beach

Date: March 2022

Admission: 1500 rupees (price may vary)

Contact Information: 8898681606

5. Holi Camp Festival: Play around

Looking for the perfect place to celebrate Holi in Mumbai? This year, we are celebrating the Holi Festival in Mumbai in the wilderness of Yamanavan Camp. The Holi Camping Festival beckons you to welcome Holi with a thrilling twist of night camping along with peppy DJ performances, bonfire, lipsmacking food, and of course lots of colors, and water.

Location: Yamunavan Camps, Dahanu Vangaon Road, Pale

Date: March 2022

Entry Fee: INR 1600 per person(prices may vary)

6. Rang Barse Holi Festival: Enjoy To The Core

Be a part of one of the most exhilarating Holi celebrations in Mumbai this year. Put on your dancing shoes, and get ready for a booming celebration with music, dance, DJ, food, exotic drinks (nonalcoholic), rain showers, and of course vibrant colors of the festival, to celebrate Holi in Mumbai style this year. Don`t miss out on this one or you may regret it later!

Location: Babasaheb Thakre Ground Opp Virkar Bungalow, Indralok, Bhayandar

Date: March 2022

Entry Fee: INR 2000 per person(prices may vary)

7. Resort Holi Party: Colorful Incident

99 Hikers is expected to host a better Holi Festival at a resort near Mumbai after hosting a great Holi Party in 2022. In collaboration with Green Palm Resorts, 99Hikers hosted a luxury holi party that included a two-day stay in luxury accommodation, along with luxury dining, geep pride, campfires, music and a variety of activities.

Location: Arnala Beach, Virar, Palghar, Thane

Date: March 2022

Admission: 1700 Indian Rupees per person (Prices may vary)

8. Rang Mohalla: Unique Celebration

Last year’s overwhelming response and great success at the Lan Mohara Festival was a unique style celebration. It is expected to shake the city again. Performances by Bollywood celebrities and popular DJs, as well as live dolls, village themes, photo booths, raindance, unlimited food, drinks (non-alcoholic), specially colored bombs, and the 2022 Langmohara Festival was one of the most talked about in Mumbai.

Location: Datta Krida Prabodhini Ground, GoregaonMulund Link Road

Date: March 2022

Admission: 2,300 rupees per person (price may vary)

9. Adlabs Imagica: Holi Bash

Adlabs Imagica hosted one of the most exciting events at the Mumbai Holi Festival in 2022. The famous theme park hosted a sensational holi party with live DJ events and access to exciting rides. Sundowner rain dance, delicious food, and unlimited fun for kids and adults. So get ready to have a great time with your family!

Location: Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli, Mumbai

Date: March 2022

Admission: 1,500 Indian Rupees per person (Prices may vary)

10. Color by the Bay: Vibrant Celebration

Last year, Holi in Mumbai at this illuminated festival at Marine Drive. It was decorated. With famous DJs, live acts, flea markets, adventure zones, exciting games, and lots of fun, the 7-day “Colors By The Bay” festival is the highlight of the Holi festival in Mumbai, and people are another of this flash. We are eagerly waiting for the edition of this year’s event.

Location: Marine Drive, South Mumbai

Date: March 2022

Admission: 1000 Indian Rupees per person (Prices may vary)

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