Explore the Heartwarming Symbols of Easter

Explore the Heartwarming Symbols of Easter

The Lord has Risen! Today is Easter, the most important Christian festival. It
is the day when Jesus Christ arose from the dead on the third day of his
crucifixion! This day is more important than Christmas because it shows that
Jesus is still alive. He lives and will always be with his people!

Easter is a blessed time!

Easter is
observed on a Sunday during the spring season. Friday is Good Friday, the day
of Christ's crucifixion, and the third day is Resurrection Day. Easter is a
festival that celebrates new beginnings, sacrifice, and rebirth. As a result,
we celebrate Easter on the Sunday following the Full Moon
that occurs on or after the Spring Equinox.

Around the
world, we celebrate Easter with great zeal and ecstasy! It is a more tranquil
and ritualistic celebration than a jazzy holiday like Christmas! Christians
around the world commemorate it with special worship services, hymns, church
bell ringing, Lilies, and candles.

The joy of
Easter, on the other hand, is shared with family and friends! I miss the
heartwarming family gatherings, the joy, and the delectable treats! I miss the
Sunrise Service, or Dawn Service as we call it on our campus, which is held
every year. The glory of the early morning, the hustle and bustle in every home
to get to the venue on time, and then the entire Dawn Worship Service and
breakfast afterwards, it was pure bliss! Memories are both beautiful and

Easter Symbols and Their Meaning!

However, we
are discussing the delightful Easter symbols here. Yes, just like Christmas,
these symbols make Easter more exciting. Children look forward to Easter Eggs,
but we adults enjoy them just as much! So, let us examine these symbols and
rejoice in the joys of Easter Sunday –

Eggs for Easter!

Easter eggs
are one of the most heartwarming and distinctive symbols. We give them to
children as Easter gifts. Candies are hidden inside these beautifully decorated
eggs made of sugar and chocolate. And the kids can't wait to break them open
and find the candies. People use it as an activity to teach children about the
true meaning of Easter! They assist the children in dying and decorating boiled
eggs in preparation for Easter.

Easter eggs
originated in Pagan lands. The Eggs represent fertility and new life in nature.
Winter's death is followed by the blooming of the Spring Season. Pagans
celebrated Jesus' resurrection in a variety of ways. It had to be one of them.
It is also believed that Christians were asked to abstain from eating eggs
during the entire Lent Season (40 days of fasting before Easter). So, for
Easter, the kids were given these Egg treats!

Hot Cross Buns or Easter Buns?

Hot Cross
Buns, like Easter Eggs, elicit excitement among Christians on Easter. It is
said that in the 12th century, an English monk drew a cross on freshly baked
buns to commemorate Good Friday, also known as the Crucifixion Day! This
practise became very popular, and Hot Cross Buns have sold like hotcakes ever
since! Sugar, spices, and fruits were added to the Buns over time. Buns, by the
way, represent health and prosperity!

The Adorable Easter Bunnies!

bunnies are a cute Easter symbol. Rabbits or bunnies represent new life because
they give birth to a large number of kittens. It is also believed that, similar
to how Santa Claus brings gifts to children, Easter Bunnies hide Easter Eggs
for them. They looked for children who had been good all year and rewarded them
with beautiful Easter eggs on Easter!

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