Cycling trip from Haridwar to Dhanolti – Uttrakhand

Cycling trip from Haridwar to Dhanolti – Uttrakhand

Cycling trip from Haridwar to Dhanolti

The roar of the wind, the views of the world going by, and the ride of a bicycle, the road ahead and you. There is an immense amount of romantic freedom and solitude that traveling bicycle offers. This trip of mines was as perfect as a round pizza. It was overloaded with fun, enthusiasm, and a lot of adventure. On every other step, we found interesting toppings of excitement, new experiences, amusement, and thrill. My Experience Cycling trip from Haridwar to Dhanolti – Uttrakhand

Day-1- Explore Haridwar

This fun-loving and adventurous trip of mines begins with my 3 mates. We, 4 Musketeers, began our thrilling journey towards the beautiful place, Haridwar. We started our journey from Delhi at 1 am. Early in the morning we reached Haridwar and saw the beautiful sunrise in the beautiful city, Haridwar. Our main aim was to have a bicycle ride, exploring the places on a bicycle was what we all wanted. In the morning, we had our breakfast and went outside to rent a bicycle. But they weren’t available in Haridwar. So we went to nearby places in Haridwar. Cycling trip from Haridwar to Dhanolti – Uttrakhand

Day-3-Traveling to Mussoorie

The next morning, the new sunrise brought new and fresh excitement in us. We had our breakfast and again started our journey. Our next stop was Mussoorie. We had to ride bicycles in the mountains. We were so amazed by seeing the beautiful scenes in our way. Mussoorie was 20 kms away and all the way was straight upward sloping on mountains. So we started walking in the slopes with our cycles. In our way, we talked, we laughed, we sang songs, we made fun of each other, we enjoyed a lot in our way to Mussoorie. It was difficult very difficult to walk on a straight upward slope but we didn’t feel much tired as we all were enjoying each others company.

Midnight cycling on Mall road-Mussoorie

Somehow we reached having fun at our destination. We booked a cheap hotel and had a rest. We had dinner and after having dinner all of us went to the terrace and the view was so fascinating. Cold air, greenery everywhere, fresh environment, it was so pleasant staying there. After some time one our friends slept but remaining all of us took our bicycles and at 2 am we went to Mussoorie mall road. Riding bicycle had become more exciting at night in such a charming weather.

The road was all empty at this time. Pleasant weather and no one on the roads, we three riding bicycles, the feeling was awesome. At late night too, we all were so energetic that we also did a bicycle race with each other.

This night of ours is unforgettable.
Cycle riding in Night – Mussoorie mall road:-

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