Best wireless chargers for iphone

Best wireless chargers for iphone

Apple MagSafe charger

If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, Apple’s MagSafe Charger makes wireless charging  easy. Thanks to the charger and the magnet built into the back of the phone, the two easily snap to start charging. If you have a 20W charging plug on the other end, you can charge up to 15W. However, if you have an iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini, it is limited to 12W. However, it’s faster than simple Qi wireless charging  and is just as convenient with any model. There are no  magnets, but the AirPods or AirPods Pro charging case also works with  MagSafe chargers. If you’re an avid Apple fan, this is probably a wireless charger for you.

Belkin Boostcharge Pro

The iPhone has a standard wireless charger, followed by the Belkin Boost Charge Pro. It takes everything to a whole new level. However, you  have to spend a considerable amount of money to get it. It works only on  MagSafeready iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, so it’s not a wireless charger that you can use if you’re using an older iPhone.

You can see that this particular device has three charging points instead of one. In addition to charging  your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, you can also switch between your Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time. The perfect wireless charging accessory for your bedside table, you can charge your gadget 100% while you sleep. As mentioned earlier, this is a relatively expensive wireless charger, which in fact costs about 10 times more than the budget options in this particular category. However, considering  the sleek design  and how you can charge three Apple devices at the same time.

Anker Wavepad

Anker accessories are  known to be cost-effective, and  the same is true for this PowerWave pad for charging iPhones (and  other devices that support the Qi standard). You can choose from three colors: black, white, and navy blue. You can drink juice with 10W of electricity just by placing your smartphone. The charging pad isn’t automatically fitted because it’s not compatible with Apple’s latest MagSafe standard, but iPhones that support wireless charging will still charge. Even if the iPhone has a case, it will  work  if it is 5 mm or less.

But what really stands out for the Anker PowerWave Pad  is  how cheap it is. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get this special wireless charging pad for  iPhone. One of the reasons for this is that there is no power supply for the USB plug. You will need a laptop with a USB Type A socket for connection, or your own power plug.

Logitech Powered 3 in 1 dock

The Logitech Powered 3in1 Dock is the perfect wireless charger for anyone with an iPhone, AirPods or AirPods Pro and Apple Watch.The device supports all three at the same time, so all you have to do is put these devices in the dock and  start charging. The  Powered 3 in 1 Dock supports 7.5W fast charging on iPhone and 10W wireless charging on Android phones. The overall design is bulkier than other wireless chargers, but it takes up less bedside table space and does not require three separate chargers.

In our tests, we were able to easily line up the devices for charging. There is a glowing light on the side of the dock so you can see that your cell phone is receiving the juice. The Powered 3-in-1 Dock works with iPhone cases as long as it is 3 mm or less in thickness. The stand design makes it easy to use your phone while charging when making FaceTime calls or recording voice memos.

Moshi Lounge Q

Wireless chargers for the iPhone are cheaper than the Moshi Lounge Q, but there are many reasons to spend a little more on this particular model. For example, for certain devices it can be up to 15W  and  has one adjustable stand. You can tilt it to fit the shape of your phone. Made of Moshi, it  looks great and is covered with a gray cloth, which makes it visually more attractive than many competing models. The charging cable is also neatly stored and has a small clip on the back of the charger so you can secure the cable wherever you place  the device.

Moshi Lounge Q does not accept charging stones. Please note that you only need to receive the USB cable. Overall, it’s definitely worth making this list of the best wireless chargers for your iPhone, and it’s definitely what most people need..

Satechi Aluminium 2 in 1 charging stand

The Satechi Aluminum 2in1 Charging Stand  not only charges your iPhone, but also lifts your iPhone so you can keep looking at the display. Please note that this requires a MagSafe compatible iPhone. So I’m talking about iPhones released after 2020, which I think is currently aimed at a lot of people. Another reason to choose this wireless charger for the iPhone is to charge not only the iPhone, but also the AirPods for the  next listening session.

It’s not the fastest charging speed, but it’s the  perfect stand for overnight use. A wireless charger for the iPhone with 2in1 features, MagSafe standard support, a cool and elegant finish on the charger, and great details such as a small LED status light on the front. In addition, you can find it on the internet at a relatively low price.

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