Anatomy of a successful organization

Anatomy of a successful organization

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The book that I am going to talk about is one which gave me immense pleasure while reading as it narrates major leadership traits of one of the most successful organizations in the world & its creator. Without any further delay let me share my takeaways from this delightful read.

Success Secrets Of Amazon by Steve Anderson points out 14 business principles of Jeff Bezos that he thoroughly believes in and implemented to achieve extraordinary success for Amazon. This book is not about the journey of Amazon yet another start up emerging out of a garage to become a billion dollar organization. Rather it clearly focusses on leadership style of its founder, his belief & vision and how he converted his belief to a global success. This book does not talk about how amazon wins over competitors, increases market share or executes its plans to achieve humongous growth. This is a book which tells us how faith in some of the core principles while creating something big can go a long way.

Author Steve Anderson (, a professional speaker has spent a major part of his career helping the insurance industry understand emerging technologies. He has done a tremendous job in explaining core principles of Bezos that worked as a catalyst for the growth of the organization. Such an amazing idea to do a detailed research on the letters written by Bezos to all the shareholders on a regular basis and list out valuable insights from a visionary leader. 

Though there have been many a principles that Bezos followed to create one of the most valuable organizations in the world, Steve has listed out 14 of them spread across various phases of a business. If you go through those principles categorized into four sections you may feel those are very common ones which any growing organization would follow. Then what's so special about them to write an entire book on the same? The success lies not in just setting up few principles but in making sure that those are implemented wholeheartedly and each of the employee in the organization strongly believes in them. Bezos ensured that all the principles are implemented in the business and followed rigorously. Over the years he has built an organization which is customer centric & most of the principles that have been deployed are keeping the customer interest in mind.

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