7 SEO Mistakes to Avoid Any Bloggers In 2021 (Guide)

7 SEO Mistakes to Avoid Any Bloggers In 2021 (Guide)

Why not go your blog posts are on the first page of Google Search? In blogging, the writing quality is not everything. There are times when we have to make the text displayed in Google search or other search engines to facilitate the search of information that they can get quality articles we write.

In this article I write about my summary of that research in a variety of well-known blogs in order to introduce to us all of what SEO mistakes that should be avoided by our bloggers. There are at least 7 SEO mistakes without realizing we are doing it routinely. What are these?

7 SEO Mistakes that most of the bloggers do

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means that the keywords that you are targeting to grow to meet your blog posts. For example, you write an article of 300 words about 50 keywords and embed the same in all parts of the post. It is called keyword stuffing. In writing blog content, we do not need to plant too many keywords. Simply 4 or 5 times in a 300 word article and place it’s in the post title, post the first paragraph, middle paragraph and last sentence.

2. Duplicate Content

Blog content should be original. Write an original article with your own style, do not ever copy-paste the source even though you put in it. Google will degrade the quality of your blog for finding content on your blog that was equal to the preexisting of his crawl. You do not need to have a lot of posts on your blog but contains article copy-paste or duplicate content from other people’s blogs. Wake up your blog with your own writing.

3. Ignoring URL Structure

Never ignore the structure of the URL of each post or page you. Create a blog URL that contains keywords of your writing. Continue like this:

  • Make it look like this: http://www.spotblogging.com/seo-pack-of-2021
  • Do not be like this: http://www.spotblogging.com/p=?7242228293828

Make a good URL structure and unsightly, and contain the keywords you are targeting.

4. Qualified Content Design VS?

Many bloggers are emphasizing one of two things above rather than make it balanced. Quality content is certainly important as the content of your blog was the one that the reader what to look up to in your blog. But, if your blog look very bad or ugly or not neat, nobody would like to read it to linger despite your content quality. Conversely, if you put more emphasis nice view but the writing is just copy-paste or do not contain useful for readers, for what?

For that and create quality content and make the look simple and comfortable visited by readers. Note the navigation menus all over your blog, also include the Related Articles below each of your posts.

5. less Enterprising Social Media Promotion

Today, social media tends to bring about a change in human civilization with advanced technology in it. Many who use social media for a variety of purposes. Google is no exception. The largest search engine also utilizes social media to assess the quality of your blog. Immovable promotion in social media because there will be many visitors from there. Also, make article in your blog can be distributed automatically by visitors to their social media. Look for related plugins such as Social Shares and so on and post at the bottom of your blog.

6. less Utilizing Inbound Links

Inbound Links is the anchor text that contains a link and connect to other articles from your blog. For example, I use keywords to Make Money Online , and that’s my anchor text and link it to another article that is in my blog. That’s called inbound links. Take advantage of inbound links in each article you to make the visitor linger on in your blog.

Inbound links also make it easy for the reader to explore a wide range of quality content you have on your blog.

7. Not valid backlink

Most bloggers are willing to buy backlinks to increase Google PageRank his blog. However, not all backlinks services and providing quality organic backlinks. Be careful because sometimes there are valid backlink and it leads to spam links. This is slowly destroying the quality of the SEO strength of your blog so that your blog does not pick up and also be penalized by Google Search.

Look for a valid and quality backlinks by multiplying the comments on other blogs that have the same category with your blog, too Be active on forums and other social media.

That’s 7 SEO mistakes that you should avoid. Sometimes a lot of things that we passed when in fact it is very important to note. 7 SEO mistakes in the above are things that we often do not realize how important it is to increase the SEO strength of your blog. That’s 7 SEO mistakes from me, what do you think?

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