6 D Process of an Efficient Digital Organisation

6 D Process of an Efficient Digital Organisation

1. Discover

As an expert in data analysis, we focus on companies’ requirements related to data rather than data itself. Our Data Analyst expert in accessing the tools and systems necessary to read, organize, and process all incoming information.

2. Define

Once the discovery process has been done, our experts move to the Define and Documentation part. They document the product requirement and confirm them from the customer or market analyst.

3. Design

In this process, all the architecture is used to design the product’s module and clearly define its communication and data flow representation. Based on the specification, more than one design approach proposed by product architecture and also document by our Software Developer.

4. Develop

In this actual development process starts and the  product is built. The programming code generates as per the product design requirements. Our Developer always follows the coding guidelines defined by the organization and other system tools.

5. Deploy

In this process, we starts our communications by performing collaboration with major stakeholders to determine if the project results are a success or failure, then our  project team will identify the key findings of the analysis, measure the business value associated with the result, and produce a narrative to summarize and convey the results to the stakeholders.

6. Deliver

We deliver the most effective and efficient solutions in the present market, We provide a detailed report with key findings, coding, briefings, technical papers/ documents to our clients.

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