5 Best Cash Back And Rewards Apps

5 Best Cash Back And Rewards Apps

Here is a list of the best cash-back applications to get right now.


Available for both Android and iOS devices, iBotta is a user-friendly application. It is the most favourable for people who find themselves grocery shopping every other day. It is extremely easy to get the hang of the application. Further, it is fairly easy to look for cash back offers for any product and any brand. More than a grocery application, sometimes it provides access to other online stores as well.

The only disadvantage is that the user has to complete a series of tasks. These tasks are simple in nature- like taking part in a survey or simply watching a short video. Moreover, you can see these as challenges and complete them in no time. This is an excellent way to earn extra points.

2. Swagbucks

Very popular among bloggers and remote workers, Swagbucks is an application that gets involved in the user’s routine activities. It helps you earn gift cards just by watching videos and taking short surveys. You will also be able to earn money from these tasks. Apart from being one of the best known online survey sites, it is also one of the highest cash-back sites on the internet.

3. MyPoints

Similar to the application mentioned above, MyPoints helps you earn redeemable points through a number of activities. These activities include watching videos, playing games, taking surveys and reading emails. There are over two thousand retail stores that have partnered with this application. Some of these include Walmart, Amazon and eBay, thus paving the way for a lot of scope to earn cash back while shopping.

You can earn points every time you shop with these partner stores- and these can be redeemed at any point in time via gift cards or credit on your PayPal account.

4. ShopKick

It is different from other applications mentioned above. All you need to do is walk into stores and scan barcodes. This application will not tempt you to buy more products. However, more points or kicks can be earned by making a purchase with the connected cards- both online and in store. Instead of cards, you can also upload pictures of your receipts to the database and earn valid points.

The biggest plus point for this application is the fact that it is available online as well as in stores. These points can be redeemed at your favourite stores likes Starbucks, Amazon, Sephora, Toys R Us. It helps you earn kicks and money by completing tasks instead of buying real items. These tasks may include filming videos, checking into stores and taking small surveys.

5. Rakuten

Formerly referred to as ebates, Rakuten is an application accessible via desktop, Android and iOS. It is an ideal fit for consumers who want to earn extra money while shopping online. You automatically earn up to forty percent of your purchases- without using coupon codes. Further, you will also get extra bonus for signing up and spending around 25 dollars within 3 months of being a member. After every quarter, you can be paid in check or through PayPal.

This is one of the only applications that offers to return money in cash rather than a gift card. But this option is not available all the time, it depends from partner to partner. Some of these partners include- Amazon, Madewell, Walmart and Travelocity. The only disadvantage is that you can’t withdraw the money as and when you want. It is only possible quarterly as mentioned above.


Thus, these are a few cash-back applications that you must have in order to earn and save money while living luxuriously. These applications allow you to remain in your comfort zone and not engage in extra hassles of coupons and vouchers.

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