10 things to known before going to India

10 things to known before going to India

10 things to keep in mind while visiting India.

Dress properly:

Indian is rich in its cultures and has different values. When you are traveling at different tourist places in India, make sure you ask the locals or the guides if there is any dress code that you need to follow at that particular place. Often there are places in India where you can’t wear short clothes and need to cover up your whole body. In addition to it, there are some places where you even need to cover your head with a scarf. So be modest and follow the dressing codes. Another thing to keep in mind is that India is a conservative country. So while traveling or roaming around, make sure you cover yourself up fully so as to avoid unwanted attraction because people in India have a tendency to stare and make you feel embarrassed. So dress to respect, and also to maintain your self-respect.

If you are women- be careful while traveling:

As mentioned earlier, India is a conservative country. You need to cover yourself fully while you are in India. Well, that might not be the case when you are in metropolitan cities like Bombay and Delhi. You can travel around freely in such places. But make sure you research the place you are visiting because there are many places in India where it is not advisable to travel alone at night times. Yes, if you are a woman traveler these are some of the things you need to keep in mind while traveling to India. Try to avoid any kind of friendly conversation or eye contact with strangers, as it is taken in the wrong way. Avoid traveling in night and if you want to do so, then take the safer public transports like trains. If you have your own personal transport make sure you have all the directions to the place you are traveling or else find a companion whom you can trust while traveling at night time. Anything is possible when you are out on a travel trip. So make sure of your own safety and guard yourself up. Keep some things like pepper spray with you so that you can use it if someone attacks on you.

Be aware of the scams and the pickpocketing:

If you have lost your way while traveling or exploring, do not trust any random people who come up to help you. They can often take you to fake places saying that it is a travel agent company and can cheat you in ways. Do not trust strangers. If your instinct says that the person offering you help doesn’t seem to be alright them just pretend that you know everything around the place and act confident. It is said that black magic exists in India and often tourists can get caught up in such acts and get robbed or end up in the trouble. Keep your entire belongings safe with you and don’t leave them anywhere. Pickpocketing at tourist places in India is still prevalent. Make sure you have your bookings from the well-known company and site and always have some emergency numbers with you so that you can contact them while in trouble. If possible don’t travel alone. Go for group tours or book your own personal guide. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and additionally, you will remain safe from all these things.

Be confident and stand for yourself:

This is one of the most important things to be taken care of while traveling to any place around the world. Always be confident and pretend that you know all about the place. This helps a lot in saving yourself from scams and getting robbed. Don’t be so polite that people think you are weak and take advantage of you. Speak out for yourself. If you think someone is doing something wrong with you, don’t be afraid to raise your voice and take action. Don’t look like an easy target even to the shopkeepers, be stubborn and always don’t go with what he says. Keep in mind all of these things and it will help you make your travel a little easier.

Check the weather:

India experiences 3 seasons all around the year. Places like west and north India can get really hot during the summers that is between March to May. East and south India experiences tremendous rains from June to September. While the north and west India can get really favorable for traveling at during Octobers. The Himalayas are a great place to have a trip during summers as the mountain regions are really cooler, so you’ll get saved from the scorching heat. Here’s a quick guide for you. Here are 10 things I wish I’d known before going to India Places like Goa and south of India gets really favorable from the Novembers as the party season starts over there at that time. So whenever you plan a trip to India, make sure you check the weather condition over there, as there are different times when the places in India are best and worst to visit.

Be careful about the food on the streets:

It is said that if you want to know the place better and experience up to its full, always go for the local things and the street food. Yes, undoubtedly there’s nothing that can beat the street food in India. Hospitality in India will probably win your hearts. Once you visit India, give yourself some time to adjust to Indian food and spices. You’ll need 2-3 days to get familiar with that. After that just ask the locals about the best places on the street where you can have amazing local cuisines and have the typical taste of Indian food. Be careful that you don’t end up visiting unhygienic places and eating unhealthy food. Make sure you eat at the place where there are more people waiting around and most importantly have a look at the cleanliness around the place which directly affects the food you eat.

Pre-book your travels:

India being an overcrowded country, local transportation over here is going to be full every time. This can be an issue in each and every place in India, where there is a limited number of buses and trains available to a particular place but the amount of people traveling is always more. So whenever you plan your trip, try to pre-book every travel trip of yours and if you can spend enough money then avoid the crowded locals and get your personal transportation vehicle. If you need to commute around the surrounding places then try to reach the bus stations earlier, so that you can get in fast and grab your seat. This hack works best in India.

Be ready for some pollution:

While visiting India, pollution is a really important factor to be taken care of. It is in access over here due to heavy traffic and other things, but it is bearable. Make sure you carry a mask with you so as to cover yourself up and not get affected by pollution. Whenever you go out to explore the streets and markets try to cover your face with a scarf. Also, more smog is observed during winter times, so plan your trip accordingly. Here’s a quick guide for you. Here are 10 things I wish I’d known before going to India

Always try to bargain:

Indian people are expert bargainers. Yes, at almost all the local places in India, bargaining takes place. People or local vendors at the tourist places in India have a tendency to hike the prices whenever they see a foreigner, thinking that you might not know the real price of the product and will happily pay what is asked for. But, don’t forget to bargain. Here’s a hack: always half the price which the shopkeeper or the vendor has asked you to pay. And then don’t budge from your price. Ultimately, he’ll get ready to give you at that price or else you should walk out from that place. These things will help you get the product at its lowest rate and you won’t get cheated as a foreigner. Also, if you have any Indian guide or friend of yours with you, take that person along, so that you don’t get cheated.

Adapt in a particular place:

While in India, travel like you are one of the Indians. Adapt to all the things that you observe while exploring the streets. Try to do what localities do at the time of any function or any festival. Be one of them and that’s the best way to enjoy the rich culture and diversity in India. So that was all about wonderful India and the tips and tricks you need to keep in mind if you are planning your trip to India.

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