Affiliate Marketing Vs. AdSense: Which is More Profitable?

Last Updated on: May 01, 2022

Google AdSense as well as affiliate marketing both are known as the Monopoly leaders when it comes to earning online.  However, the most important question is which one of them is better than the other one!

5 reasons to choose Affiliate marketing over Google AdSense

  1. Good passive income offered: Affiliate marketing is generally preferred by most of the bloggers and for good reasons. It offers the best passive income methods as with the right amount of audience and relevant products at your hand it will help you to earn loads of money while you are not even working on your website.
  2. Gaining trust to make more money: Unlike Google AdSense which does not support readership much, affiliate marketing is all about gaining trust from your website and the relevant product is shown. the more, you will be able to build the trust of your audiences the more it will improve the readership of your website and hence more money.
  3. No compulsory need for huge traffic: Unlike Google AdSense, affiliate marketing is not about huge traffic. Instead, it is about the content quality you present on your website. Affiliate marketing offers a decent amount when relevant products are shown which gather the organic audience.
  4. Allows showcase of relevant products and services: Google AdSense is the biggest culprit for irritating the readers with unnecessary and irrelevant ads. However, affiliate marketing is all about presenting relevant products that are of your audiences' interest. Therefore you are not forced to spoil your content just for the sake of money.
  5. No need to depend on any other product promotion: Affiliate marketing is much simpler than the Google AdSense as you do not have a team checking up on you like the latter. Affiliate marketing is all about selecting the correct products and you do not have to promote any other company's services to make money.
5 reasons to choose Google AdSense over affiliate marketing
  1. The fastest way to make money from online platforms: Affiliate marketing can take a long time before you start earning a decent amount because you need to build the audience's trust first. However, in Google AdSense you will be able to earn money fast as only need to do is promote as many as ads as possible.
  2. No need for online expertise to earn money: Google AdSense is pretty simple to use and even the setup of the account is easy to understand. Therefore it allows you to earn money without much expertise required unlike in the case of affiliate marketing. To earn money from Google AdSense all you need to do is increase as much as traffic as you can and you will soon be earning a good amount.
  3. No need to have your own products: The greatest advantage of Google AdSense over affiliate marketing is that it does all the work of finding the relevant ads. In affiliate marketing, you have to search for the relevant product to be shown on your website, and in Google AdSense, you are automatically presented with the relevant products in the suggestions.
  4. A great amount of passive income offered: Google AdSense is fast and easier to use then affiliate marketing and hence holds the potential of being the greatest passive income method. Once you have enough traffic generated on your website you will soon be earning huge amounts of money as your passive income which means you won't even have to spend a lot of time working on your website.
  5. No special skills required to earn: affiliate marketing requires a little bit of expertise to understand its working and methods however Google AdSense offers all kinds of assistance and is pretty much easy to operate. Google AdSense handles all the relevant ad suggestions for your website therefore there is not much work to do.

Concluding: Affiliate marketing or Google AdSense?

Now the main question arises that which one of affiliate marketing and Google AdSense is better than the other one? Google AdSense as well as affiliate marketing are both relevant in their own places and both of them are equally important.

But both of them are suitable for different users and therefore which one should you use depends mostly upon 3 things. All this information will definitely help you to understand which of the two online earning methods is better for you.

  • Audience: If your website audience is more focused on the relevancy of the content then you should definitely go for affiliate marketing otherwise your next best option is Google AdSense.
  • Traffic: affiliate marketing is the best option for you if the traffic of your website is not much as it focuses on the relevancy of the content. However, if you have used traffic on your website then definitely go for Google AdSense.
  • The niche of the website: if your website believes in something which promotes other companies or services provided by them then Google AdSense is your best option otherwise choose affiliate marketing.

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